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  1. hey just wondering do you still have mdoka whitelips?

  2. hey donny,

    our polit decided to take the leap of faith so time today dad just found him on the floor, would i be able to get another one off you please??

  3. hey your inbox is full, you really should start deleting alot of msgs

  4. hey can you answer your phone, need to talk

  5. the elephant nose is currently in the oscar tank

  6. not a problem, also would a very young ghost knife be ok with our discus till he grows up a lil

  7. hey how are you going? do you know anything much about fish master marvelous? plus your inbox is full

  8. hey your inbox is full again and yer its all good and we will try to

  9. plus your inbox is full

  10. so are angels good with discus? and we bought the festivums as i read that on the youtube website and found some at annerley aquarium today and thanks wouldnt have picked up on the angels

  11. hey can you tell me what is the other fish in this youtube about discus, I know what the discus are but wonder what the other fish in the clip is

  12. hey so how was the party? and are you guys able to make it on sat night?

  13. hey hows it going? hows the salt water tank?

  14. hey your inbox is full

  15. just cause i can lol


  16. just so you can make breakfast tomorrow morning


  17. hey yer i dont have a truck so it cant happen to me plus she loves me to much

  18. yer the salt aquarium is going great


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