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  1. Hi are your l002 still avalible I'm in cairns qld

  2. Please let me know if the l002 are avalible .cameron

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  4. wow they didn't waste any time, well done.
  5. Well its seems after adding some driftwood & plants I have picked up some worms in a couple of my tanks. First ones I am pretty sure are leeches which are crawling on glass. Second ones I think may be Nematodes as they are small hair like white worms 5-10mm long very thin & they swim in the water like snakes. I tried treating water with Big L Pig & Poultry but has had no effect on either. I am guessing its going to be full strip downs & potassium permanganate. Any idea what dosage because I would assume its going to be treating everything. Tanks are run on sponge filters which were only new so will they need to be thrown?. Fortunately there are very few fish in the affected tanks but I don't want a spread to all of my tanks.
  6. My Frontosa wouldn't touch it but the Kribs eat it. I don't believe I would buy it again.
  7. I don't believe you can import any fish food as a private buyer. I know when I ordered some snail traps from USA I had to get the bait sample removed so it would clear customs. However I am not an expert and as mentioned you should check with customs.
  8. Move stereo near fish tank, turn down lights and play some Barry White
  9. Well considering you see them living happily in local creeks and dams from careless owners deciding to "set them free", I would imagine there would be no issues with them living in ponds.
  10. With so many available I was wondering if anyone could recommend based on quality accuracy and price a brand or type of thermometer and the same for a digital ph test pen. I know I have bought a batch of 5 glass thermometers before and all showed different temperatures when they were supposed to be high quality.
  11. Cheers, looked it up and yes thats what it seems to be. Its good stuff keeps the water crystal clear.
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