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    need some killies, catfish..L#'s, something different
  2. Mate where in Brisbane are you as I am interested in all of the barbatus!

    you can text on 0406755 498 and I can call you back. I can collect Wednesday afternoon.

    1. thatsright99


      Not available at the moment sorry

  3. goodbye qldaf

    Can we see the recent conversations/threads like the old forum?..how? ( on the righthand side )Or do we have to go into each seperate thing like the other stupid forum?
  4. Bill Smith Fundraiser

    How's this going? Now we need to raise money for him to goto and compete in the special Olympics He did a good job at the ekka as did the other stewards and unpaid helpers. It was a very good display this, a lot better than last year for sure.
  5. Wtb Appistogrammas

  6. Small Fry Powder Foods

    A zoo and Sera have very fine powdered foods. Decapsulated bs, green water vinegar eels micro worms...how small do u want to go? The angels will take decap bs no problem. Powders a bit of a waste on them
  7. Sword help...

    Ech. Biggus pondicus bas tard icus, lol. That's what I call them. They're the swordsyou see growing out of ponds everywhere and can be big. Mappins has one near the front office. But you can control them if you keep cutting off the surface leaves.
  8. Ekka

    Best ask graham... but yes, the 3 ways you asked are 3 diff categories. Per fish, you have size, finage, colour, deportment maybe something else. Highest score wins. Mine was marked down because colour wasn't fully showing ( I only got it out of the main tank 2 days before lol. It should've been setup months in advance...so I can't complain too much ) Then the other classes are similar. But there's diff judgeing criteria for each like layout of plants-wood ect interaction between the fishes, compatability thereof, landscaping ect ect. Graham should have judging criteria or one of the other stewards
  9. What variety

    Heckle x turq... its stunted (in that pic)
  10. Sword help...

    Bristlenose will eat the the surface of the leaves a bit no matter how much you feed them. !
  11. Ekka

    A very good display this year as opposed to last year in quality and layout. Well done to everyone even just to take the time and efforts to put in their fish.
  12. Ekka

    Champ cichlid..
  13. Ekka

    Results .2
  14. Ekka

  15. Ekka

    You need a microscope to read the booklet, that's printed upside down back to front and in the wrong order. But