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  1. Eartheaters Australia was and still is a great resource. http://www.eartheatersau.net
  2. I have been thinking of doing the same after my wife's comment... "I can see that the IBC is practical but it's ugly.". I had to hold back my initial kettle black reply and then I too went searching for info. Anyhow, have you seen this video @Harris.? Seems pretty straightforward.
  3. That looks like stress IMO. Salvini are pound for pound the nastiest little assasins in the Central American scene. I reckon they also have the “death stare” down to a science. If you can seperate her she should come back pretty quick. IAL help with healing and lowering stress also. Hope that helps somewhat.
  4. I'm currently into selling up but there ain't any buyers anymore
  5. Photos are good, video is better. Both is best. Would you bid on or buy something off eBay without photos?
  6. Titan are just as bad IMO. The thermostat in the Titans are very unreliable. The only decent heater these days are Schego IMO.
  7. I retract my statement above. These Shogun heaters are absolute rubbish and dangerous. Waste of money.
  8. Are you cycling up around Rasmussen at all? It's a lovely area especially down by the Ross River. You may even be lucky enough to grab a beer (mid flight) as the locals love sharing (throwing).
  9. Contact [MENTION=3894]The Guppy Guy[/MENTION]. He may be able to help you or point you in the right direction.
  10. One option would be to fly down to Brisbane, hire a truck (Abel or similar), load the tank and drive back up. This may prove less expensive than hiring movers.
  11. WTF has this "aquarium forum" come to?
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  13. Lawrence's tank is up for sale. All proceeds go to his family. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-trader-13/lawrences-tank-8x2x2-5-a-125307/?highlight=Lawrence
  14. Seachem Safe (powdered medium) is what I have been using for a while now. It does smell like a thousand year old eggs though. However, it is the best value for money I have found due to its concentrated form.
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  16. 12mm will fit but the original OTTO hose is a little thicker and broader when comparing to say Eheim hose.
  17. I use the Tunze Nano pump with several OTTO FBF. Once the media becomes totally seeded (after a month or two) you can almost run this little pump at full speed. The only problem with it I find is the suction cups are too small and give way art the time. There are ways around it though. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Tunze_Nano_Pump_0800_040_p/0800.040.htm
  18. 20 litres? That's awesome. Was the reactor you were using DIY or a purchasable model? Thanks, Bob
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