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  1. thanks that was the conclusion I had come to, just needed it to be confirmed. no aquascaping for me then just yet
  2. good description.they look nasty
  3. Hi, I was considering having a go at making an aquascape tank, before I get too involved in that idea... what is the logistics when having to move them? being in rental accom moving is unfortunately a PITA fact of life. cheers
  4. Do you have filters in stock that can be picked up from nambour? Thanks
  5. just after some advice please. I have a new tank... (second hand).... but new set up for me, new pool filter sand, rocks, driftwood in tank, new filter and media. how can I condition the water for fish and how long do i keep it running without fish b4 i should test PH ect and add fish? I have heard about putting in a raw prawn.... whats that about? NB: please don't suggest "feeder fish" I cant stand the idea of keeping fish only to give them a death sentence, I totally don't understand that mentality, goes against the idea of keeping fish IMO. thanks
  6. This is great, maybe it could be a sticky post
  7. Thanks so much for all that info thats really great so glad i can have an all male tank and not have to worry about them breeding.
  8. Ok so that puts things in a new light... I am thinking I have to have males and females, but have a quandary of I don't want them to breed. so I can have an all male tank... IF I only have one male of each type, is that right? So I can have 1 solousi or demasoni 1 yellow lab 1 white lab 1 cobalt blue would that work in a 109lt tank? LOL yeah roar, that is an amusing point... how do they know what they look like. introduced our kitten to the mirror the other day and boy was that funny watching him try and scare off the other cat.
  9. This is the info I got on them "not much scientific data is available for the Blue Dempsey also commonly called the Electric Blue Dempsey. As a result, internet “hearsay” including falsehoods have spread and become prevalent beliefs. One of these falsehoods is the belief that this fish is a hybrid which is not true. Electric Blue Dempseys are a natural occurring variant of the Jack Dempsey, a popular aquarium fish from Central America. The fact is that the variant was not recognized and developed until recent years after being accidently discovered in an aquarium by Hector Luzardo. It is thought that the species was missed previously due to early breeders of Jack Dempseys considered the smaller “blueish” fry to be runts and were generally culled from their spawns. What is known now is that the blue variant fish grows somewhat smaller than the regular Dempsey and while still a territorial cichlid, they are less aggressive than the other." from the world of jack Dempsey cichlids.
  10. Just a question... Its my understanding you need to have males and females of the same fish in a tank and they need to be the correct ratio (for aggression) , is that right? I read someone, somewhere has a tank of all males... (different fish) does that work or will there be trouble? someone set me straight here... If the males where different fish that looked different as in not the same colours would they get along? or if you had fish (lets say Salousi to pick a breed) will all males be ok cos there are no females to fight about? or will one male end up being pale and then picked on? thanks.
  11. Aaahhh I saw a pic of one of those and really liked it... now I know what it is.... off to look up the profile. eeekkk just looked him up, wow he eats anything and everything. Not the fish for me.
  12. I wasn't sure cos someone said it was due to the diet as even some fry of the same batch, some had white and some had pink spots and the ones with the pink had been fed that diet. yeah i guessed they would prob be expensive. I was justifying the expense being a feature fish...LOL LOL Tech Den... yep Im happy to stick with the peps
  13. Ah ok thank you for clearing that up.... I would have got one if they stay pink. will stick with a peppermint then for my spotty one. I have a leopard frog pleco on order for my stripy one.
  14. I have seen some pink spot Plecos, as far as I am aware they are called L007, galaxy or vampire pleco. can anyone tell me please A, is the pink colour due to some kind of food/ diet? B. is the pink colour only in juveniles and the spots will later go pale? any other info would be great too here are some pics thanks
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