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  1. There definitely is a feeling of self entitlement. There is also a real lack of knowledge in the hobby too. People seem to be to lazy or afraid to research. They hear one wives tale, from another person & attach themselves to it like glue. People also don't seem to hang around more the experienced fish keepers. Pick up tips, information etc... Then again, the demise of the LFS has made this harder too. I know I come across as an arsehole, I get told it often. People really do give out poor information... ie; "just add salt" without any other information. People like myself, only post because care. It's funny to quote out of a text book, to be told you're wrong... Oh well, move on! As said earlier, it isn't limited to this scene either. Be a part of any group, sports, clubs, hobby groups.... They're all the same. Took the good, with the bad Frenchy
  2. Well, depends how you look at the hobby. winnie is right, jump on any fb Aquarium page. There are a shitload of fish keepers. As for Cichlids. The old boys can tell what a American Cichlids used to be like. Those not so old, can tell you what Malawis were like. Over the last few years, Lake Tangs are going downhill too. There was a good debate about Yellow Calvus in this country on fb the other day. Someone emailed Ad Konnings pics, hybrids. it isn't a new problem why... people are lazy, driven by greed, humans can't have nice things. As for the crew I knew into rarer stuff. They have all stopped for various reasons, mainly life changes. Got married, moved, change to Marine or other types, downsized to other commitments.... Frenchy
  3. Usually if it is a colony, you want to get the female back into the main tank as soon as possible. Don't want to upset the pecking order. In this case, probably doesn't matter. There will always be a risk. ps; Good idea about getting a sponge filter too. Frenchy
  4. How many Tropheus do you have in the main tank? Frenchy
  5. Well, you can still lie to them. But if they ever find out, don't expect them back Frenchy
  6. Sounds pretty good, with what you are doing. Re what Winnie said, be careful with pellets & rhino horn. What size tank have you got them in? How many altos in total? Any other tank mates? What are you using for the girls homes/breeding structure? Just be aware of lay out & bullying. Frenchy
  7. I know a lot of former store owners that would read your first 6 lines & say "what a load of Sh it" No matter how many times posted. "The expenditure of a LFS" from years ago. That Malcolm from Wetpetz,provided me to post. I still see drivel like this. How was a LFS meant to compete with a guy,selling dry goods from his home? Like others have said, there have been steps... Things changed once breeders started supplying LFS for the same price, as they did for private sales. I still remember very well, when a breeder was told to f off from a shop. He was selling Fronnies for $20 on the forum, after selling to the store for $20. This was probably the first big whinge I heard from LFS owners. Anyway, this sort of story has been bashed to death. We all know small business is tough. Try to find a little hardware store, a nursery... maybe they should of been more online savvy ps; Very well said Rod. Frenchy
  8. Technically, the term should be "Dry Good Retailers" Frenchy
  9. Really!?!? So you posting that, like you don't know what I mean!?! But just in case. Those dry good wholesalers, that set up business to sell directly to the public. Under cutting LFS. Frenchy
  10. fishfish raised valid points about others to blame. breeders started making things harder, dry goods wholesalers threw some nails into the coffin & Petbarns helped bury them Frenchy
  11. Good for you & I don't fall under that banner either. There were discussions many years ago about what Chain stores did to the USA LFS. We were warned. I refuse to shop at a Petbarn. Unless it is a locally owned like Bernies look at the Gold Coast. Only a couple of specialist LFS left frenchy
  12. Humans aye, just can't have nice things Frenchy
  13. Pretty much as above. Did a Brissie LFS tour last year, Smiths was a stand out. Annerley had some different Africans. The rest were all pretty much, same same Frenchy
  14. Cheers Donny... Mental note to come back to this.... Frenchy
  15. Interesting... I remember a batch of Electric Yellows that came in, they had the same problem of wasting away... Were treated in a similar way to treating bloat... Re what occurs naturally... I am enjoying, watching the Tropheus pick the algae of the driftwood branches again... Re micbores & gut bacteria etc... We never really know what damage or extent of treatments is... Read studies in humans, re anti biotics, especially children. Balances can be thrown for years... Also interested in what Donny can come up with... Frenchy
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