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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone has been to this lfs at slacks creek cheers Les
  2. hi Marcus and Sherell, nice to have met you, thanks for the stunning fish. good to see two people so dedicated to this hobby of fish keeping. keep up the good work cheers Les
  3. Russ, please post the specials asap so i can work out my finances ,c u all there cheers Les
  4. great set up only thing missing a few silk plants in the back corners. video works fine cheers Les
  5. I have 2 hooked up to my downpipes with a diverter.(when they are full divert the water back into the storm drain) all i did was to get s/s mesh to fit inside the lid, then cut the top out of the lid and positioned the down pipe over the mesh. hope this helps cheers Les
  6. I have quite a few. i find that small water or juice bottles work best. drill a hole in the cap so the plastic tube on the filter fits tight .then drill a hole in the bottom and sides of the bottle. run the air tube through the bottom of the bottle feed it through the cap and attach it to the filter. only fill the bottle 1/4 full of K1 media. if the K1 doesn't tumble remove some. hope i have helped cheers Les
  7. just googled them .they at 240 montague rd west end ph. 38466240
  8. i have just noticed my male lepto is not eating as his mouth is enlarged. can anybody give me some advice on how to treat him. cheers Les
  9. try age of aquariums (forum sponsor)at browns plains. cheers Les
  10. Hi ,i have 5 or 6 vc10's 4-5cm that i would sell cheers Les
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. good on you Donny. i take it that was a yes cheers Les
  13. Hi Clint, i have had one on my 4ft tank for 18 months never had a problem.i also run an otto internal and a sponge filter. i have about 20 african cichlids in the tank some are 10cm. cheers Les
  14. Thanks Les, Highly reccomended purchaser, good contact, prompt. easy and friendly transaction.

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