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  1. Hi was wondering how much and how big for your rostratus both colony and fry ??

  2. hi i was wondering if u had any ikola girls if so i would like 2 pls

    can contact on 0404090733

    cheers webby

  3. Hello..! As many of you know due to tough economic circumstances several of our favourite 'Local Fish Shops' have closed down over the last 12-24 months. However, some remain! Most stores are advertised in the Yellow Pages Etc but some are not. Could we comprise a list of what stores are still open that retail aquarium fish and goods..? Starting from South to North, here are a few that I know, please add to the list! PS: Please only add shops you KNOW are definitely open Northern NSW: Gold Coast: Gold Coast Pet Centre, 110 Kortum Drv Burleigh The Pet Barn, 19 Hinkler Drv Nerang Aquariums Alive, 9 Tibbing Street Nerang Bernies Pet Barn, 31 Upton St Bundall Coomera Pet Barn, 147 Old Pacific Hwy Oxenford Brisbane: Thanks, enjoy!
  4. In my opinion, Im seeing a lot of the same stuff over and over on the coast, I still love doing the rounds and checking everybody out but I tend to head to bris now when looking for 'cool/different' fish, or to the forums. More of = M Less of = L Good amount already = G A1. Aquarium Stores (or stores that sell aquarium fish) - G A. Exotic/Fancy Fish - M, M, M!! B. Common/Bread and Butter Fish - L C. African Cichlids - G D. South American Cichlids - M E. Discus - M F. Catfish - M G. Gold Fish - G H. Tropicals - G I. Salt Water Fish - M J. Aquarium Plants - M K. Live Rock - M L. Corals -G M. Filters - G N. Lights, Heaters Accessories - M O. Tanks, Stands and Cabinets - G P. Supplements and Chemicals - G
  5. Hey everybody! This is my first post of this nature so please bare with me. What do we think of the 'Retailing of Aquarium Fish and Hard Goods on the Gold Coast....?' Please keep in mind that individual store names cannot be mentioned, this is a general consensus. Every opinion is extremely important so please feel free to express your feelings and/or respond to the following chart... More of = M Less of = L Good amount already = G A1. Aquarium Stores (or stores that sell aquarium fish) - A. Exotic/Fancy Fish - B. Common/Bread and Butter Fish - C. African Cichlids - D. South American Cichlids - E. Discus - F. Catfish - G. Gold Fish - H. Tropicals - I. Salt Water Fish - J. Aquarium Plants - K. Live Rock - L. Corals - M. Filters - N. Lights, Heaters Accessories - O. Tanks, Stands and Cabinets - P. Supplements and Chemicals - Probably lots more categories that could be added so please feel free to add your own. Thanks everybody, Enjoy!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. pseudotropheus elongatus (mpanga) for sure, prob a male
  8. once 5-6cm and over the males start to show brighter colouration through the body and have pronounced blac vertical barring, dorsal and anal fins also extend and generally show egg spots (anal fins). the females still have a vertical black barring but the purple/colour through the body is normallt slightly duller, more rounded fish in shape including fins, smaller and less aggressive. you can also try vent sexing them, some pseudotropheus species are easy to tell like that, 2 small holes a male, a big and a small hole a girl
  9. hey bud, i agree with tutters, id be havin a close inspetion first, catch him out and have a quick look under the gill, could be a gill fluke or perhaps where one has been enabling secondary fungal or bacterial infection. maybe bit of extra salt in the water could help too? gd luck
  10. ps, so guess it would be the same for american cichlids?
  11. been feeding green prawns to my fronts for few yrs now, i always leave the shell on and never had a prob, all breed and feed very nicely. my parents are a doc and a vet n told me that the shell is PROBABLY really good for them, they would take small amounts of valuable nutrients from the shell, it helps with digestion and later breaks down in the water as calcium raising KH or GH which ever it is
  12. how many water changes are you doing? could be an ammonia, nitrite or nitrate build up depending on how your filters are functioning. id feed with a frozen food such as rotifers or baby brine shrimp for the first 4-8wks
  13. buddy if you want a wild caught jack get out there and look for one, there are thousands around all year round they dont disappear, start with small estuaries. if you are gonna take one from the wild though and put it in a tank prob better on the down low it is illegal and obviously people on this forum feel quite strongly about it. if you want to know about catching any wild caught fish i would recommend doing some internet research then getting out there
  14. hey guys, i have a 3000L system that i mainly use for african cichlid fry however, i ended up throwing some fish in i got from random fish shops. Soon the fry started dropping off, some would lie listless on the bottom before dieing and most would loose a bit of colour too, within 24hrs of these symptoms the fish is dead and now normally has both its eye's popping out (not noticed pre death). seems to only affact certain species of fish and at sizes, from 10mm-50mm. fry would drop off at rate of 1-4 fish per day depending on species and then slowly stabilize with about 20-30% of the original batch surviving. (whilst the fish are dieing at a rate of 1-4 the rest of the batch seem to be in perfect health.) this system i ended up bombing with chlorine which quickly fixed the problem however it has now popped up in a 5x2 fry tank. im pretty sure this is not a water quality issue it may play a part but there is something else there that I would love some help identifying... any input much appreciated have tried treating with full and half doses of formalin and multi purpose but no change
  15. could be worms in the intestine, fish tuburculosis or maybe its just a genetic deformity, depending on how long she has been in this condition
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