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  1. Well, only got as far as running creek today. Found a lovely big school of large what appeared to be Crimsons, however could not net or trap even one. Ill go back out there when its not 350 degrees, and 7000 people and have another go.
  2. Thanks for the tip mate. I have a NSW fishing licence, but not sure if that covers traps in freshwater. Just had a look, and yes, you do need the licence for gathering or trapping even in freshwater.
  3. Reviving this thread, as Im more southside for collecting. I am going out for a bit of a drive tomorow, going to try the upper reaches of the Logan River past Boonah, and Running Creek again. I will then probably come back down through Murwillumbah and have a go in some creeks around there.
  4. I went to a few other spots after I left the group. I got a nice little Goby and 4 nice sized Crimsons. I also picked up a few Smelt for the tank as well.
  5. So whats our plan this weekend guys, are we still on?
  6. E85 from United servos. They also sell it in Warwick, Dalby and Towoomba, but we arent going that far.. Uts 85% Ethanol, 15% petrol, and makes great power in comparison to 98.
  7. Im keen to go anywhere within reason, unfortunately only two servo's (Crestmead and Arundel) sell my fuel....So I will be carrying jerry cans. I will have the kids tag along for a ride too, so if there are places that they are able to get out, that would be great. Other than that, Im easy.
  8. Im all excited now. Ive been going out to my two local haunts but been lucky to get one or two at a time. Usually when I get only a couple, I will throw them back as I dont want to take them if there is only a few around, as I want them to replenish properly. It would be good to do this once a month or so. Northside, Southside, Wivenhoe/Somerset area, and Beaudesert area. Be keen to see what I can pick up.
  9. Im in. Will need a new trap or two and some berley.
  10. Id try Barley Pond Clear. One cap for my 4ft clears it in about a day. That was after my son poured a whole tin of baby formula into it. I done multiple 100% W/C, however it was still very very milky. A cap full, and a day later, clear as anything.
  11. I thought I would start a thread so people can tell everyone how there creeks are doing after the recent floods. I went down to Cedar Creek for an hour this morning. Its still very fast moving, and deep, and the whole scape has changed completely. As for fish life, it seems to have not been impacted at all. There are heaps of Doublayi fry, juvies and even a few adults in my normal spot I go to catch them. However, they are hard to get as they are sitting just out in the current, floating downstream, and its about 4 foot deep. There are also heaps of smelt still, gudgeons, a nice 30cmish Eel Tail Cat Fish, and plenty of glass shrimp, and fresh water prawns. Might go check out Bulimba tomorow morning. I did check it about three weeks ago, again fast flowing, but it seems to have held together very well.
  12. Ill go anywhere. Just need notice, as I do shift work and dont know when Im working sometimes,
  13. Just waiting a few weeks for the creeks to get back a bit healthier. Going to have a browse today and see what they look like where I usually go.
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