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  1. Ph, kh, gh for l numbers.

    I dont have access to rain waters... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, I am trying to start breeding l numbers but im super confused with ph, kh and gh parameter atm. I know that ph needs to be 6.8, kh = 3 and gh=3 for l numbers but i have no idea how to reduce kh and gh. My current parameters are: Ph = 7.0 Kh = 7 Gh = 12.. I heard that best way to go is rain water or rodi system but i dont have both and i dont want to spend that much money for rodi system.. How do you guys lower ur ph, kh and gh? Has anyone used macropore white and gold from techden? Please let me know! Thanks! My number is 0430473566 if you can teach me on the phone will be much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Price: = Size: = Sex: Unknown Suburb/Town: = Hi to all forum members and administrators. Firslty, I would like to apologize for writing this in wrong section as I could not find any right section to post on. I bought quiet lot of red chili endlers from ******* ages ago. Before I buy them, I asked the seller whether they breed pure or not and the seller replied she sells 100% pure breeding ones unlike other rip offs. I trusted her and went 2 hours trip to get these endlers when she didnt even give me her personal details such as phone number or address. We traded at the mcdonalds. The males seemed pure and the females had no colours like other female endlers. But now, in the tank of red chili endlers, all males are with different colours except the original pure ones I got off from the seller. looks way too different to the red chili endlers she posted on the ad. they looks really similar to this picture. I am very confused atm and have no idea where to report this person in this forum. I really hope no one else like me gets fooled by sellers like this in the future. Thanks for reading and I will give you the nickname of the seller and my number if you have more questions about this matter. Hope these kind of things never happen in the future again. Thanks. Steve
  4. Convicts- Cheap... ???

    hey guys, that ad is mine which I did not have any idea the price of convicts breeding pairs lol will change the price soon and hope whoever copy and pasted my ad here gets his mind fixed up and minds of his own business for making innocent people look dumb thanks