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  1. Been a bit quiet as of late. Managed to build my own home, and with that of course comes a 8x2x2.5 haha. Picked up some sexy oscar bubs, and they are currently in my nano 4x18x18, until the 8ft arrives in a week. Not even sorry for the Oscar spam lol. Feels good to have some gorgouz yanks in my life again, have 2 lemons, a long fin albino tiger and a stock standard tiger. # love the new format, can upload pics way eaiser haha.
  2. Yep know them feels. I look between my 8x2x2 and 6x18x18... and wonder why i keep the tiny 6ft... then after visiting a mate with a 12x4x3... i wonder why i even went with something so minuscule as a 8x2x2..... But I agree, it's not the size, but what you do with it boys..... and girls. Put tiny fish in a big tank, makes the tank look bigger. Add 30cm plus fish to any tank and your outta space real quick
  3. Geez, rereading this thread.... so many pics missed, but enough taken. My drive will never die. Just sucks i don't already own my own house, or id have loads more tanks. At my maximum now, but im determined to buy a house... no more landlords and restrictions, even tho my insurance covers buildings I don't own.... onwards and upwards. Xx
  4. Unfortunately no.... her eyes look fine but she just can't see. Does my head in.... but shes eating well, all that matters.
  5. Milo has now been moved into my 8x2x2 with a few other Oscars. She has settled well and hand feeding normally again. I was worried how she would react with other oscars, but i forget shes a 25cm chunky oscar herself now. Still well under size for her age but im stoked she as big as she is tbh. I never thought she would reach 20cm. I felt the 6x18x18 was getting too small for her, so shes very much at home in the 8x2x2.
  6. Happy fighter fish Not sure what direction this tank will take, but right now i love the fighter, guppy, bn, cheery shrimp and cory combo. Big change for a large yank fan.
  7. Where's that dislike button again mate?
  8. Two new additions, i could have a worse addiction then oscars.... africans (shudders)
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