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  1. Anyone selling 7cm + L number plecos ? Pairs ? Colonys ? Thanks
  2. Wanted shrimp culls 50-100 shrimp for feeders/cleaners Brisbane area
  3. If she can sorce a female I would be very interested in one
  4. Yer I get that But saying to 1 person that he wants 1600 and then telling me he wants 2k is stupid
  5. Ok sounds like a few people know of him
  6. I asked Brandon again if he had a price And told me 2k
  7. I also was talking to said person and I made a few offers but kept saying no And when I asked what his price was he wouldn't answer me That was a week ago
  8. I'm also looking for a female or even a pair if anyone is selling
  9. Looking to swap my L202 pairs (2 pairs to trade ) for other L numbers pairsL333sL397sL129sL134sL387sL066Etc
  10. I might have a sub adult it's around 6-7cm I don't know if it's a female tho
  11. Hi I'm after Albino bristlenose 8cm + Pair or trios Thanks
  12. I'm interested in swapping my L202 pair For another pair of L numbers
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