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  1. I lost all but one of mine):!!!!
  2. I caught lots of them in north pine river, hopefully i can get them to breed next summer. Theyre easyer to feed than i thought.
  3. The second picture looks like crimson spotted rainbows with a female gambusia. The others look like hardyheads? A bigger picture would help.
  4. So my obi obi creek rainbows are settling in well, only one north pine blue eye survived, and the PSG jumped out!!! Dam. I just made a spawning mop and the big males guarding it trying to entice any female who swims past, also one of the cherabins is berried so I'll isolate her in one of the green water tubs out the back.
  5. Oh, and thats the sute that i got the reference. I remember catching one of the spiny crays in the main creek in taralgon, and one of the land crays on a forrest walk near belgrave, it shot water at me!
  6. Thanks, he survived the trip but unfortuinatly he lost a claw. As hes still small i hope he grows one back thats almost as big as his old one.
  7. I caught this one at snapper creek, it doesn't look like the c. Depressus or destructor, so im thinking is a cherax dispar? His claws are alot darker than his abdomen so could it be? I have no idea, the only cherax we get in the Melbourne area is c.destructor.
  8. It cost $150 with toll for 10kgs which isnt too cheap but if they get to Melbourne ok itll be worth it. That woupd have been handy fish breeders.
  9. Yeah its was great up here, thanks everyone, Im taking home lots of rainbows, pacific blue eyes, empires, olive perchlets, hardyheads, striped gudgeons, firerails (and carp gudgeons?),2 yabbies (one i think could be c.dispar from snapper creek?) a few cherabins and a few lucky swordtails that got in the bucket at dayboro. I hope they survive with the 40c day in melbourne!
  10. Thanks everyone for recommending the tropical marine centre in mooloolaba! Just got them all packaged and boxed up for very cheap and had the shipping process explained. If anyone needs fish/inverts transported go to them!
  11. Dident get many rhads at sbapper creek, but lots of cherabins and rainbows, also the most stunning pacific blue eye ive seen so far. Most of the cherabins were berried so the when back but i go some of the small ones, pics to come!, It was very beautifuly there, also a big water skink who kept trying to get into the fish bucket!
  12. Lets hope the rainbows dont rip him apart! Im leaving friday, but ive got alot of collecting in this week, ive been to obi obi, daboro, and today im at borth maroochy river and tin can bay in the afternoon
  13. Thanks for that, i hope once he grows up abit he'll start to show more colours.
  14. So i caught this little yabby yesterday at dayboro, and im wondering if anyone knows what species? Ive never caight a common 'destroctor' (spelling) this colour or shape before. Its has orange tipped claws which and a sort od dark brown blue body Thanks fletch.
  15. Thanks, i got them at rays outdoors. I caught lots of rainbows at obi obi on saturday. Today i was at north pine river and got lots of glass fish, hardyheads, blue eyes, rainbows, gudgeons including 1 PSG, lots of sword tails which are drying on the road and some spangled perch. There was also a massive turtle abit upsteam.
  16. Soo anaconda doesnt stock the rectanglular bait nets only the illegal opera house nets (at least in vic) so ill have to get them in QLD. Where did everyone get theirs? Any where near maroochydore would be perfect!
  17. Even convict fry would be a good option, but I think they think it would be easier to just go to the local lake and make what Peter said; a quick buck, and it is. I think it should be illegal to sell natives as feeders, and maybe allow gambusias to be regulated as feeder fish as long as fish keepers are educated about the damage they cause, but inevitably they would find themselves back in the water one way of another.
  18. I think they might be barbs sclero, they're the most common feeders in melbourne too as we don't get fire tails.
  19. Wow this threads very impressive, how hard is it to catch the PSGs? I used to breed them a couple of years ago. I hate snakes, never seen them down here but when I went back to Townsville they were every where, I almost stood on one at Ross river, never been shocked in my life!
  20. The empire gudgeons and fire tails would almost defiantly be wild caught as it's too tricky to breed them in captivity. That's sad how people disregard the environment for their own financial gain. Fletch
  21. Hey Just wondeing what is worm is, its about 3cm long, moves very very slowly and was scaped of a ulcur like lesion from one of my little galaxias. What do i medicate the remaining fish with? (They all looks healthy) Thanks fletch
  22. Thats the weird thing, i old caught my first carp last year and im still yet to catch a redfin. Before that no matter how hard i targeted carp i always caught native (expt. Yellow bellys which are too far and few) but gambusians dont count.
  23. Just to clarify, collecting wild fish for your aquarium is ok in Queensland, as i know in Victoria its not exactly clear as to its legality. Theres not a lot of information about collecting but I've just assumed that it would be considered as recreational.
  24. Has anyone been to obi obi creek? Im chasing some good spots around maroochydore and noosa with nice duboulayis or rhads.
  25. Thanks guys, just sent them off an email detailing my situation, hopefully its not too expensive! The place looks better than anything we have down here.
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