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  1. Woke up this morning and the chiller was leaking and 5cm less of water in my tank. So returned chiller to sellers and bought a brand new one. Ha ha. Carpet smells of salt water now but new chiller on its way. Yay
  2. Hey Donny, I saw him on gummy but thought I might see if there's someone more local, otherwise flash it is.
  3. Hey all, I just bought a chiller, it is only about 12 months old but it's not too consistent with maintaining temp. Might need a service. Anyone know where on the Northside of Brisbane who service aquarium chillers?
  4. Hi all, anyone out there on Brisbane Northside sell frags? Let me know what type and how much please. Thanks Ash
  5. Awesome looking flam there. It looks like an orchid.
  6. Doh. Thanks for that petfish. I should of realised that because I was looking for mm two weeks ago. Does the tech den sell chaeto? Randal - how old is the mm? I believe mm has a life span of about 12 months. I have no experience using it but have considered getting some
  7. The DSB will need to repopulate with bacteria but I would definitely go the DSB. What is MM? Given that there are 4 chambers why not put live rock in one, DSB in another and refugium in third? That's what I would do and first chamber I would put filter wool to collect larger detritus as it comes into the sump and any artificial filtration such as carbon or phosban.
  8. That's a very nice set up. I think I want one of those for marine
  9. DSB combines anaerobic and aerobic filtration methods. Whereas the live rock is only aerobic (I think) filtration. What size tank? If you have live rock in the tank and a good amount of it then you may be better off with DSB. Throw on top of it some macro algae the you will have a combination of natural filtration systems
  10. Well we on the Northside need to give you something to make life worth living for those on the south side. He he he I saw that FatSalvatore though my tank is a 55L cube so not big enough for that much rock. What size tank is yours borntobreed?
  11. It was $13 a kilo or 13.50. Something like that. I will head back over and get some more. Yay
  12. Hey born to breed. I checked out three places on the Northside and also got to pet city at mt gravatt. The live rock at pet city was cheaper and soooooo much better then any other I came across. I regret not buying more. I got two pieces from there. One had worms in and the other had both zoas and some other corals
  13. Dibs on any Northside offers You can take the south siders borntobreed.
  14. Any one on north side have some nice live rock they want to move on? After a few pieces for small cube. Or where on Northside can I get some nice pieces?
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