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  1. Thanks Rusty, i wouldnt say im going to fill it, all ive made my mind up on so far is some "Orange head" Geophagus, 7 of them........the rest is undecided
  2. The new 6x2x2 rescape http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/ ... kshot1.jpg
  3. just ignore the ghey patch of algea up the top this is out planted 6x2x2 with dicsus etc, running a 2.5ft sump and co2 the tank is located at a front door, so can be veiewed from both sides, first is from one side, second pic is from the other side links incase it doesnt work for people http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/ ... 020785.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/ ... 0787-1.jpg
  4. hey mate, i run a fluval fx5, has 3500LPH filtration, i also use 2 600lph internals with an airpump hooked up the them theres a guy selling a 4 month old fx4 for 300 i think in the dry goods section
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  6. heres a few pics of one of our tanks. tank is a 6x2x2, running on a sump, 3 bulb 6 foor light, 3 white globes and 3 blue. tank is also runnin Co2 tank has about 8 discus, few neon tetras, serpae tetras, cory's. well, just alot of fish. heres a few pics the tank is lacated in an "island" which is inbetween the front door, so its the first thing you see when you walk in the door, and its a through and through, so it can be also viewed from the dining room. ENJOY Nick
  7. i dont have a stained stand, pine doesnt look good stained IMO only hardwoood is worthy of stain for me. heh
  8. rusty, biggest sheet of ply i have access too (for the lid) is 2400x1200. 8' 6" = 259.1 cm. what i can do is have a join in the middle, and have2 lids, on seperate hinges, one with access to the right size of the tank, and one with access to the left, add me on msn if you wanna have a chat flanka_06@hotmail.com cheers, nick
  9. well thats a sign that he is ready, he is showing off to the fish, however, depending on the size of the girls, they may not be ready. it just depends on how big and how old the females are.
  10. lol doug if i was rich ide consider it, but everyone knows apprenticeship wages dont cut it, and this stand making will be good weekend work for me to make a tiny bit of extra cash to fund my fish and tanks. i guess the only way to show people the quality is to make one to show everyone. so heres what im going to do, im going to pick a standard size (3x18 or 4x2) and im going to make a cabinet, with doors and a shelf etc. this cabinet will show eeryone what quality to expect, and what thier finished product will look like, it will also give me a rough idea of what the cost will be. i will also make a matching sloping hood. as far as people wanting just your standard stand like pictured above, shoot me a pm with your EXACT tank footprint, and ill get you a qoute.
  11. i counted 25......they even throw one in incase one breaks?? seems pretty good. i may have to get some. cheers for letting us know you got the shells george
  12. wow geroge, they really are some nice shells, do they send em to anywhere? say if i wanted some (brissy) would they get here fine? were any broken?
  13. well price would depend on what size, that stand (2x1) cost me $12 to make and the tin of paint was $35, i bought it for another job and had some left. as far as mark up goes, i have no idea, it took me 2-3 hours to make, and another hour to paint.
  14. just to give you an idea of what i mean by a standard stand, i knocked this up for my sisters friend for her axolotyls
  15. thanks for the insight doug, thats just what im after, people with ideas who are game enough to share them. im happy to make a simple tank stand for anyone, and only charge for supplies, but i was going to aim for some realy nice pieces of furniture, you know, nice cabinets, a change from the old fashoined stand. im in the design phase atm, im planning on making one, and showing everyone pictures etc of the cabinet, this way, if you like what you see, feel free to contact me and get me to make you one plans are anywhere from basic storng stands to nicely finished cabinets with a lick of paint.
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