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  1. i had empire gungeons eat me out of a snail problem,started with around 6 snails.then stopped counting after 150 snails.not now good old feeder fish.
  2. on another note,i know they are a very agressive fish.has anyone got any tips for when introducing potential mates for the transition to be a smooth one and maybe curb the agression a tad?
  3. i have now and have always kept supergreen.but i have seen the same fish called blue.thats where i got the confusion myself.
  4. Hi all, fairly new here.been a member for a while but havent posted much. just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the difference between blue and green texas.i know the reds are very different but just trying to find out as id like to breed some and have seen both kinds and to me they look very similar thanks in advance scott
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