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    Very into a peaceful world, well finding peace within oneself first and then sharing with others. To find the humour in all. I am single mum of 2 boys 18 and 12. Love meeting people and also love quiet time
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    my fish,cat, helping people , my 2 sons, laughter and life
  1. Yes, Bernies Produce at Bundall in Upton street ... 10% off everything ... really look after their fish and great fish department .... also must go to Aquarium and Petland behind the Brickworks Southport ... great .. Leanne knows heaps about fish and great range and quality and Michael makes the best tanks and very cheap ...
  2. Hi, I enquired about this when i got my discus... i am only a beginner with discus but just passing on to you what was told to me .... i was told by supplier to buy worming tablets and worm often as discus are prone to worms.... when i went to my aquarium shop whom i trust very much and she loves discus . .she informed me that the tablets he told me to give them would kill my $110 catfish ...ouch .. the safest she said was to use Sterazin by water life... every six months ... if you have any of the fish on the bottle that it warns to be careful with or fry it says to half dose ... i have white fin ornate tetras and black stripe tetras ...
  3. Thanks for that, as i like to buy young and watch them grow and more like having your own baby .... but i will definately keep that in mind for my future buying of the discus ... they are a wonderful fish.
  4. Sooo funny.. I came home from being in hospital with my son while he got his tonsils out ... away a few days and came home put some food in the tank and noone was hungry ... then saw albino cory eggs covering one leaf of a plant and the glass... was sad as i ran out to get whatever needed to look after them and came home and the loaches had eaten the lot.... but she is fat as again so i am fully prepared now... good luck with your babies ... .i love panda ones .. i have 2 ... :-)
  5. Ohh that is so sad.. the blue turk would not let the little yellow one eat it broke my heart. I hope you get it seen to and they come good for you :-)
  6. thank you for your time and reply. I have written it down all suggestions and names for future use. ty ty ty .... I brought a albino bristlenose long fin from Bernies at Bundall and it went this yuk colour after a couple of weeks, more like a dirty albino colour, really not what i wanted at all... they took it back for me NO problem and replaced it... and also a fish who after a couple of days was just too aggressive in my tank and let me swap him... So i have never experienced a situation like this.... i understand they guy doesnt want to risk infecting his fish ... but easy ... have one separate tank to all the other set up for quarantine .. rather than once out the door "too bad ... no matter what .. no return" policy.... We live and learn .... and i LOVE my fish and sit with them for hours . . so harmony is really important to me... and they are all so intelligent .. my ram used to come to the front for me to pat them through the glass, my clown loach comes when i talk to him and sits and looks at me and listens .... so do my cory dory and my bristlenose .. he likes his time with me too ... Geee so easy to become a fish ADDICT hey :-) even my whiptails like their little pat through the glass and eye contact ... yep .. i am addicted
  7. No not there. this is from his home around Ashmore way.
  8. Thank you so much :-) i appreciate it very much. :-) I have written down the names mentioned for future use... maybe an easter present this time :_)
  9. I will NEVER do it again.. i once bought a long fin bristlenose albino from Bernies at Bundall, after a few weeks it went the most yuk colour .. like dirty .. we worked it out it must have been a cross or something... i wouldnt mind but it really didnt look nice ... they took it back no problem at all and swapped for me ... as it was not what i had purchased.!! Also let me swap a fish if it didnt work in my tank with aggression.. I have learned a lot this past year ... and yep .. this is one more thing.. ty for replies
  10. Thanks heaps for that. I have learned my lesson. Discus are amazing beautiful fish, I had no idea how special they are. Thank you very much for your advice and pass on. When i get a bigger tank i will get more discus and follow up on this ty.
  11. Hi... I have had my tank now for nearly a year and have sorted out all the problems and learned through some mistakes and lost a couple of fish sadly. I was told that i could have discus in my tank and i think they are amazing fish. I learned of a wholesaler through here on the Gold Coast and so bought 2 discus... he didnt have what i wanted but it was a christmas present to me so i bought what was supposedly a white diamond . . white with a blue reflect in the fins.. and also a pigeon... they got on fantastic and swam as one .. after a couple of days the "whtie diamond" went lemon... i didnt want this as the other fish was that sort of colouring... and i wanted 2 different coloured to stand out... when i informed him and sent photos ... he replied that he did not give refund NOR SWAP... now this fish was not what i purchased or wanted ... so i lived with that ... it is my birthday soon and a friend said they would buy me a blue turk .. as that is what i really wanted ... when i added it to my tank .. the other one bullied it so bad for days i couldnt handle watching ... again .. he would not swap .. .so i sold it for $20 .. and then the other bullied the blue turk .. so i sold it for $20 .. i lost a lot ... and i bought a yellow diamond to go with the blue turk which is what i wanted in the first place ... but the blue turk has not let the little one eat... i did pick out a different fish while i was there but he advised the little one would go better and the price had been upped since i saw the price a couple of days earlier.... I have learned 2 things here 1. Only buy discus at the same time as then they are all new and more than likely get on. 2. Only buy from an Aquarium store as they will swap if the fish is not getting on with the others .... buying from the wholesaler has cost me heaps more than buying from an Aquarium shop ..... So beware ..... Also, i bought some beef heart home made food off him for my discus .. i had told him what else i had in my tank .... well ... it killed my ram ... 4 of them .. because it was too high in protein .. so that cost me an additional $60... he only has discus and angel fish .. so i suppose he didnt know it would kill my other fish .... but ... buying from this wholesaler has been the most costly experience i have had in my experience so far.... I felt to post this for others who might learn from my mistake and not make the same one.....best aquarium shops on the coast ... Aquarium and Petland behind the brickworks.... Bernies at Bundall special manager of the fish area ...... aquariums alive nerang ....
  12. all levels were checked and were colour as perfect. Every water check has come up with great levels. Done at the aquarium shop and i looked at the colour chart for each and all were at the correct colour. Has not affected any of my other fish ... i just lost the harlequins one by one over 5 weeks. My other fish are in perfect health both top dwellers and bottom. only one fish at a time had it and it lasted for about 5 days - it would die and one other would get the same symptons... Rams, white tipped ornate, bristlenose, cory dory and clown loaches all perfect...... just a strange thing that only affected the harlequins.
  13. Hi:) I am having a strange serious problem in my tank. It started with one of my harlequins eyes going very orange and then it was dead a few days later, then another one started with the eyes going very very orange, we thought that maybe my white fin ornate tetras were going for the eyes so we took them out of the tank. I lost every harlequin, one by one - the same way- eyes going very very orange then bit more orange on tail and fin within 5 days dead and then a new one got it. This thing happens one by one almost like it jumps from the dead body to the next body. Anyway, we took the last harlequin out last week and cleaned the tank. I brought back 3 of my white fins and now 1 of them has died. I asked a lot of aquarium people here on the coast and noone has any idea what this is, nor have they seen it. It has not affected my bottom dwellers. I just brought 4 new ram after we took out the harlequins and now i am scared that if i dont find out what this is i will end up losing them all. ANY IDEAS????? :confused: I have 3ft fresh water tank, only use top products, seachem etc. PS> The white fin ornate was not sick before, it came back healthy from where it had been kept.
  14. Hi, I love that picture of your fish too .. i just went on the internet to look them up as i am so new and mainly only know the names of fish in the fish shops... anyway .. i couldnt find any info on the net... where do i go to learn more about what fish are available and the numbers after their name etc.... could you please steer me in some direction ... thanks .. Lynley

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