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  1. I had a small one for population control of baby guppies. It then grew and ate the parents.
  2. When i saw the title i thought cane toad, then i read it and it said 10 years of tests. So I'm still on the fence but it's better than an idea that hasn't been thought out.
  3. If your around south brisbane i can throw you a bunch (more male that female). They aren't fancy, not red neck but free.
  4. Generators are only good if your home, what if your at wok? I'm sure you can get automatic switch overs but haven't seen one personally yet. I think ultimate would be a house battery system. Very very expensive but when power goes out you have an automatic switch over.
  5. Yeah some loop and some swim around, some sit in gravel and wiggle around out the top. Im guessing there not good, now how to get rid of them? Im thinking of sucking out all the gravel
  6. I've googled that and they had more of a triangle head. I think these things might be leeches
  7. I've got these worms in the tank and am wondering what they are? They are in a shrimp/khuli loach tank, will they do any damage? I'm going to try to get rid of them in a gravel change but are there any ways to get rid of them with traps? Thank.
  8. I decided to pull what i could without getting into anything electronic. I started with blasting the tap though the guts to flush stuff out - that didn't work I found parts to pull off and still no luck. Then a few frustrated shakes later and BAM action. How good are eheims!! Thanks for all the help.
  9. I bumped something and the plug for my eheim biopower 200 slipped out but was still hanging in there. The filter itself also got bummed. When i plugged it back in there was no water flow however the unit had some vibration still. This means something is working but maybe something got fried or jammed. does this sound like a throw away job or a possibly fix? Any suggestions before i pull apart or bin?
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  11. For WHEN (not if) you get back into it, maybe think of using temo guages with digital screens. I've always used the old school ones and never checked them but i found these have huge numbers and can quickly check as you walk by
  12. Sorry to hear, know the feeling. I had a wipeout a few years back and only just back into it the last few months. Find a fish you really enjoy and start back small. I don't do fancy fish but can throw some cherries in a while or bn (if they ever start breeding) at you a bit later.
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  14. I started feeding my shrimp 'shrimp snow', but the problem was all the snails jumped on it and didn't move. I came up with this idea for it, the shrimp can swim up to it and feed whenever they want, some choose to stay on the ground and get the scraps but at least the snails can't get complete access to it. Stay tuned, i have other ideas....
  15. If you find the answer, bottle it and you will make millions!
  16. No worries. Depending on how work goes I'll pop in friday. And yes you did seem a bit busy because of the sale.
  17. Hi. I put an order in on the weekend and picked up monday, i had a second order while i was there (we are all guilty of it) and i didn't receive the gift for either order, was i meant to have?
  18. Sorry i wasn't clear enough, just the wood to sit the tanks on existing racking
  19. What would be suitable wood to use under some tanks? These things won't be huge, most likely 2-3 foot but more than likely i'll eventually put a 4ft on there. I've used yellow tongue for standard shelving before but water will have a big more weight and bound to be spillage when playing with the tank. Hopefully bunnings/masters sells your suggestion... Thanks.
  20. The filter was doing a sustainable job for the fish i gave him, then he went in to the lfs fot excited and came home with a bucketload of fish. Filters are doing their job as the test results are dropping
  21. I ordered and pretty much got delivered straight away, it even came with thank you lollies in it!
  22. [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] I lent him my test kit so ic ant tell you numbers but it was closer to the bottom of the chart than the top. Fish were basic guppies, tetras etc. Since i did the tests he hasn't fed the fish. [MENTION=12152]Cichlid Carl[/MENTION] I've only got your basic test kit so i wouldn't know the levels of the tings you mentioned. Thanks for all the replies. I went round tonight an amonia had dropped to the thrid from the top on the chart (API). Something interesting he did was gravel syphon into a bucket through a net and put the water back in to get rid off all the poo without having to do a major change constantly.
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