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  1. Na sorry mate, had to sell it, had to move house unexpectedly and have no space at the new place for it. Sold the lot with the acrylic and M16 grade stainless nuts and bolts, guy who bought it was stoked. I wasn't though haha
  2. Yea ive seen this video, going to use aquarium safe marine grade sikaflex, as the gasket as it sticks better to HDPE 2 plastic. Not using washers, going to use aluminium plates like the guy did in the thread i post above. Looks more sturdy.
  3. Been a while since i checked qldaf. But have skimmed through this forum thread and this guy has done it for aquaponics system. There is alot of pages but if you skip through them and just look for the ibc window pictures, you will find it. Bought acrylic already, got about 10cms extra length on all sides so i can leave more distance to the edge. Starting it end of next week, will throw up some pics and leak test. @ozmo http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=21974&sid=d9ec2b8935d49bb91c8bc85b343c208e
  4. Getting an ibc dropped off tomorrow and want to know if im able to cut a section of the cage out and put in an acrylic panel, have been googling and looking at YouTube alot but still not finding alot of info to satisfy. Looking at drilling holes all around the panel and using some sort of metal strips as the washers for better safety and just bolts every 1inch around the edge. Whats the best way of doing this, seems very straightforward, but don't want to waste an ibc if metal starts leeching down the track. Since i cant use epoxy over the bolts and strips on the inside. Has anyone done a window in an ibc with long term luck? Thanks.
  5. Has anyone ordered off livefish.com.au before?
  6. Haven't even started looking at which type. Just wanted to hear some peoples experiences. My geos have been with the tetra school for about 4 months now and all fish have grown a considerable amount, not a single torn fin anywhere. Might get 2 pairs. Not worried about breeding, have 3 plecos in there that eat all the geos eggs, not interested in going into breeding again, but if it happens it happens.
  7. Wanting to add a couple of apistogrammas to my Orange head tapajos tank. Cant find enough info on the net of these guys together. There are 7 geos ranging from 3-4 inch and 27 buenos aires tetras, plenty of wood, adding plants every week. Will redo tank if they are compatible and make more hiding areas. Has anyone had any luck with these guys? Thanks
  8. Were they fertile this time? Is it always the same fish that pair up?
  9. Bloody rabbits!! @Lockymck how are your eggs going? Suprised mine keep dropping eggs they are all 7-10cms
  10. Thanks for the replys guys, going to try easy life first since i have ordered it already, will try that for a month then give all that dry ferts a go and see which I prefer. Thanks!!!
  11. Place a airstone close enough to stop debris going near the eggs, but not too close.
  12. Maybe once fertile just put the parents back with the others and move the divider over so its just the wood and eggs, then once free swimming use a piece of airline to create a suction and move them to another tank. Thats what i would do that way the water parameters stay the same. Or just submerge a bucket and put the whole piece of wood in the bucket and move to another tank so no eggs leave the water.
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