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  1. Which plant fertiliser to use?

    Thanks for the replys guys, going to try easy life first since i have ordered it already, will try that for a month then give all that dry ferts a go and see which I prefer. Thanks!!!
  2. Orangehead tapajo breeding advice

    Place a airstone close enough to stop debris going near the eggs, but not too close.
  3. Orangehead tapajo breeding advice

    Maybe once fertile just put the parents back with the others and move the divider over so its just the wood and eggs, then once free swimming use a piece of airline to create a suction and move them to another tank. Thats what i would do that way the water parameters stay the same. Or just submerge a bucket and put the whole piece of wood in the bucket and move to another tank so no eggs leave the water.
  4. Orangehead tapajo breeding advice

    Jeez that will be a bloodbath! Have they done any damage to each other yet? I would try to wait till the eggs are fertile then separate the eggs completely.
  5. Which plant fertiliser to use?

    https://www.thetechden.com.au/Easy_Life_ProFito_1_Liter_EasyLife_Universal_Pla_p/pro1000.htm?CartID=2 This one sounds good. Does this cover everything?
  6. Never really kept plants, Have started Stocking java fern and anubias, noticed one leaf on my anubias starting to show clacium and potassium deficiencies. No idea what fertiliser to use, want to use a liquid one as all my plants are on wood. Also would purigen affect fertiliser and would it affect any types of fish/plecos as well. Let me know your experiences. Thanks!
  7. Found some wood in the garage and redone the scape, prefer this one much more. Just need to buy more plants, the geos now have the whole floor to sift. Wish i got the last of the black gravel out before i added sand, makes the substrate look dirty, ill save that for another day.
  8. Going to find a way to raise all the wood off the base to create a shelf so the geos have the entire floor for them selves and to make it easy to vacuum as well. Then just cover the wood in anubias and java fern. Geos have laid eggs again. 2nd time in 5 weeks. They won't last the night with all the tetras and plecos in there. Just finished a water change and added 1 large java fern and a small one. Slowly getting there.
  9. Picked up this little guy this arvo. First time owning a L202 looks awesome. He/she is roughly 8cms.
  10. @Lockymck how big are they? My biggest 1 is 10cm. They are slow growers from what ive read, mine are just starting to get their elongated fins. Have been pushing out 50% water changes every 2 days for the last 7 days so far, just finished another 1 just then, i have noticed so much fin growth in a week. With heavy feeds, over filtered sump, and 50% water changes every 2 days. I use to hate doing them and would just do 50% a week most the time, but when you literally see results almost every day its worth it. Im converted!!
  11. perhaps a discus tank you say

    I ended up buying 6 more medium sized anubias and a bunch of elodia which i stashed behind some driftwood which you cant see, they seem to be ok now, there is enough plants that they dont just go for the 1 bunch. But i dont trust these little animals so i order a vege clip and nori sheets, good for the fish and will safeguard the plants
  12. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Do you still have those buenos aires tetras in with those plants? I didn't research enough on them now i have 26 that are starting to smash my anubias.....
  13. Wanting to sell 26x buenos aires tetras Sizes range from 4-6cms Fed on NLS, bloodworms, brine shrimp, black worms. Pick up gold coast. $50 for the lot