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  1. Just on top of the sponge filter ?? Anyone got a tumbler I could borrow if I really need one.
  2. What do ppl think about what yoshi said. Watched for about 15 mins maleis on them fanning then like a baus
  3. I didn't see the 1st batch haha so don't no. Lol
  4. Went down to check on them this morning and look what I found :-)
  5. do u have any freshwater shrimp for sale?

  6. Looks like there at it again make in PVC pipe and can't find one of the lady's anywhere
  7. My intake for my ehiem goes just over it. Got 2fts ether side ready
  8. Yeah they are pretty cute just looked in amazement for 20 mins haha hope full I'll have some more soon. Fingers crossed
  9. Well he was always half in and half out of PVC pipe. Every time I checked lol but must of been when I sleeping lol or at work haha.
  10. Just checked up on them this morning before work and still swimming around the whole 2x2x1 tank fine
  11. Hey guys some of u may of been reading or been posting on my other there Bn breeding program. Got home tonight after work it was raining thought what the hey took a lid of my tank. Thinking hopefully my Bn will hopefully kick start breeding this was at 7.20pm went down @ 8.50pm and was just about to out the lid when I saw this little speck zooming around looked closer BAMM. I've got about 15 maybe more bigger the. Wrigler size baby bn I just sat there and watched them for twenty minutes and in aww of what has happened got some pictures aswell. They are swimming around fine around the whole tank so who can say how old they are approximately?? Thanks everyone for any info given . And only PVC pipe and one terracotta pot. Most likely the PVC pipe tho.
  12. Mate if u have some I can have awesome but never up that way to much ever come down these ways. What do u mean keep as dark as possible ??
  13. Just a update. Been keeping a eye on my Bn over the last couple of weeks. Have a male that only comes half way of of a capped PVC pipe and suits there and fans and all fins are up guessing its a good sign? He comes out when I feed them tho. Ideas guys ?? Here's a photo
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