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  2. yeah sunlight or just leave a light on 24/7
  3. i said i wouldnt even think about keeping one in a four foot LONG TERM. im saving for another tank which i will have soon so yeah mate, calm ya tits
  4. i'd say and umbee grows way to big to even consider putting one long term in a 4ft. blackbelt would be fine as a single fish, good luck keeping two long term in a 4ft. seriously good luck, they are rare for a reason. because they are rare. i dont think you mean you want rare as rare=expensive, i think you mean not common. uaru.................. if this is a gutsy noob.
  5. mmm... i will add that to my rules of the fish tank.
  6. im surly going to feel a bit harsh... brother gives belated birthday present, i cull them. he paid i think $50 for the two.....
  7. looks like i wont be keeping them so long afterall.... after close inspection today one trimac has a caudal peduncle deformity. male fene has a shorterned gill cover female fene has a un even face and a dent like thing in the side of her face one of the texas seems to have a shorter body than the rest. so i am not a happy bunny. and i for sure do not want to be breeding deformed stock. so back off i go on my ventures. not a clue on how im going to sell these ****ers.
  8. i once caught a monster about 90cm!!! and thick as all hell he is a resident at the lake next to the cararra stadium, try catch him i dare you, he is a slippery bugger, but huge aswell! now its somthing like that, that i think shouldnt be in a tank.
  9. when i get a texas pair i think i will sell them on and same with the trimacs, but i want to grow the macs to at least 10cm to see some potential
  10. so guys... ive been very elusive on the forum for a few weeks or so. and only came home to another little surprise left by my brother so first off i have 4 small trimacs growing out, in hope of a breeding pair. the trimacs are the smallest out of all of them so not to sure... nice little fellas though 6 super green texas growing out together in hope of a pair, two of the texas look close to pairing but its hard to say right now and a new addition thanks to an amazing brother is a pair of fens!!!! im surprised he even knew how to say the name... considering he is a muggle and all...
  11. i cant remember seeing any in aquariums alive last time i was in there but then again i dont keep a good eye out for betta's. \ top memory over a year ago nerang petbarn used to have some really nice bettas, on ocasion. thats where i got my old giant lavender plakat. beenleigh city farmers have some wilds, and nice show varietys. but really thats about it. if i were you i'd check out petbarn at nerang, but im not going to
  12. sounds like a great bloke. personally i think before we consider bringing in more species or even what species we should work on improving quality of what we have already... jmho. i've owned red line torpedo barbs....
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