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  1. grokzy

    Aquarium sand

    Pool filter sand from a pool shop, looks great
  2. grokzy

    Fx6 media

    Just swap over to the new media gradually over a few weeks
  3. grokzy

    Wet pet suggestions.

    I've got a flowerhorn in a 4x2x3 by himself, definitely recommend full of personality and great colour, you'll be looking around $300-$400 for a good quality one though. This is my boy he's still only 15cm so plenty of growing to do yet.
  4. grokzy

    What else can go in my Tank?

    Very nice, i didn't know we could get piranhas in Aus that's awesome
  5. grokzy

    Gumtree Ad

    Those fish look terrible. I don't see why people want to mix African species. There's pretty much any colour you want in an original species anyway that look a lot better. It's worse with Americans, like these stupid moo cow fens and mixing different Americans. I have a flowerhorn and I love it but I'd never go mixing it with any pure Americans like some people do. Very difficult to get a pure Synsipillum lately with nice colour aswell(if anyone has nice pure syns near goldcoast let me know
  6. Cuckoo catfish are pretty funny
  7. grokzy

    canister choice

    Fluval 406
  8. If you feel confident enough I'd go with a sump filter, but yea the fx5/6 should be ok with an internal filter aswell. I've got a fx5 and 6 both work perfectly on there tanks(6x2x2,4x3x2) always crystal clear water. Heard some good reviews on the aqua one 2700 for a bit cheaper although never tried it myself
  9. grokzy

    New fx4 filter

    Think they shoulda named it 506 tho haha sounds like an older version of fx5 n 6 lol
  10. grokzy

    New fx4 filter

    Just looks like a smaller version of fx6 to fit in between 406 and fx6
  11. grokzy

    Filter for new aquarium.

    I've got a 406 on my 4x2x1.5 with an 2000lph otto internal and tank is always spotless same with my 6x2x2 got an fx6 and otto internal on that and just an fx5 on my 4x3x2. I won't use any other brand then Fluval tbh I've had a good run with them
  12. grokzy

    Red algae?

    Quick question [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] if I buy a UV sterilizer for the tank will it get rid of the algae for good?
  13. grokzy

    ever miss a display

    I got one in my 6ft with small and big Americans, had him for over a year now and he's getting fat and healthy as, he's actually my favourite fish in there
  14. grokzy

    Hikari bio gold or gold?

    Alright awesome, I've never really seen anyone say they feed there fish bio gold just gold that's pretty much why I was wondering haha
  15. grokzy

    Red algae?

    Alright sweet I'll have to get some. Lucky enough the hose is nice and close to the tanks so I'm sweet doing water changes with some help from the wife so that's no worries. Cheers again bud