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  1. hey Brent , long time no chat, what happened to all your picture attachments ?
  2. Yes i am lol and that addiction is still current haha
  3. Haha very tempting mate , thanks but i gotta pass , My mrs will kill me been there done that, just dont have the time these days
  4. haha i gotta fight the addiction man , I dont wanna get back to 10 tanks again, planning to do a bit more travelling so dont want to lose control , already have my mate tim pencilled in to babysit my fish that will be in the new 2 footer haha, Future planning is goooooooood.
  5. Great work Ray , perfection as always , Love the big red
  6. Id say its your trophs sucking, your modification sounds good, could always try rubber banding some fly screen to the bottom that may help and be a quick fix, i know clown loaches and electric yellows are masters of egg sucking so if you have them get them out lol , Ideally a second tank for tumbling and fry raising would be the way to go...
  7. Hey mate i used to leave them in the tumbler for about 2 days after yolk sacks disappear then id release them in the tank or in to a fry saver, hope this helps
  8. Looks like my tumblers are doing what there meant to do nice one mate, keep up the good work
  9. n u n me n two were we , but then became men n 4 were wee

  10. i been no where man ova dare , ova here , ova her , n her n her n who dat , puddy tat , tweet tweet beep beep a rena

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