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    Hi, names chris, i've been around aqauriums all my life, my father has had the same 6 foot tank since i was a kid its had numerous designs and setups, i ended up with the aqaurium fever in the end and have been working on tanks and setups for different species for quite some time now.
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    Workshop labourer (Cabinet making)

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  1. Yeah, my wording is wrong. Meant as in a "lot" number between, etc. Besides that, the point of your comment?
  2. Hi, I am wanting to sell or trade a pair of 15-20cm driftwood cats. male is larger in size, feeding on floating staple food, and crickets. They have knotted in the past and she has produced eggs, growing and feeding well, getting too large for my tank scheme/change of plans. Open to offers or looking for swaps for any fish relative to a 6ft asian community tank, or b'noses, other pleco's and cory cats of any colouration. Thanks
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