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  1. Thanks a lot guys I was gonna go with t5 so I need to get the fixing and everything but not sure what the best brand is to get and I still want to stay relatively cheap, any suggestions ? Cheers
  2. Hi all So this afternoon my light decided to cark it so I am after a new light, just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what light they prefer and what light would u reccomend for a cichlid tank. Cheers.
  3. Yer I know it's not a good idea to have plants with cichlids but thought I might try my luck
  4. Hey guys, just set up my tank again for the first time in a while and I got a couple of oscars in there at the moment, and I decided the tank needs a bit of greenery in it. Just wondering what's a good hardy plant that doesn't need much attention, and also do I need a special light and chemicals for every type of plant ? cheers.
  5. Hey guys, hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Years! Just a few questions.. What is the best way to keep the bacteria alive in my canister filters and the best way to remove sand from the tank so I can transport it to the other house? Anything other tips or tricks would be much appreciated thanks.
  6. Sorry to invade, but what is the longest you can have your filters turned off ?
  7. Thanks bear...what's a good treatment for internal parasites?
  8. .Hi guys so lately I have noticed 2 of my cobalt blue cichlids have kind of been just sittin above a rock with all their fins tucked in and being really lethargic unless I walk upto the tank. I have also noticed one of them has a slightly sunken stomach. I do weekly water changes and my parameters are in check. All the other fish seem fine but I have noticed some of the other fish have been flashing, it's not a constant thing it's kind of just every now and then. What do u guys reckon?
  9. Wow awesome colour! I hope mine turn out like this.
  10. I ordered some of that stuff that Donny suggested. Thx guys.
  11. Will Malawi/Victorian buffer raise my gh?
  12. Ok thanks a lot guys really appreciate it. This is gonna be expensive lol
  13. Thanks Donny! And another question is do I have to put the products in every time I do a water change?
  14. Hey guys so I went to the lfs, and I said to the guy I needed to raise my kh and gh and he gave me seachem alkaline buffer which worked good on raising kh and ph but my gh is around 4.. Did I get the wrong stuff or do i need something else to raise the gh.. He said that it would raise both??? Cheers
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