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  1. Geophagus Altifrons,

    And over priced
  2. Geophagus Altifrons,

    I don't think the guy knows that he has
  3. the water just flows over chamber 2 you need to take out a peace off glass so its flows under
  4. Fresh foods

    Hi and welcome to the site
  5. I would put some filter wool in there or sponge I have 3 layers of sponge and then 1 layer of sponge in the other Chambers
  6. Was keen but to far away for me
  7. WTB Severums

    still looking North of brisbane to the sunny coast
  8. im Open to offers or swap on some or the lot
  9. Prefilter sponge

    free or its going in the bin
  10. Geophagus Brachybranchus

    where did you get them from
  11. Geophagus Altifrons,has any one have or had any what are they like or are they the same as any other Geophagus
  12. Geophagus Brachybranchus

    I had some of them sold some of the breeding pairs to @JBI'm going to have to get some soon