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  1. Just picked these up yesterday
  2. What kind fronnies is he looking for
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum have a look on gumtree there's someone up here on the Sunshine Coast that's sells them or Google can be your friend
  4. How's the photo coming I can get someone to pick up some for me as they live up your way
  5. Got a aquaone mini reef 160 last weekend that needed some repair like a new stand that I have been doing over the last few days and needs a new light but anyway who on here have one of these aquaone mini reef up and running can you please post some photos of your set up
  6. Yep what billfish said I had 24 tanks on one sump
  7. I'm using it on my 4ft tank are you on Facebook
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum you can post your add on the live stock trade but I think you need about 5 post before you can do that
  9. I just got rid of my 4ft sump for a 3ft one
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