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  1. Can anybody ID these worms?

    So how did you get on did you catch one
  2. Introduction

    Hi and welcome to the site what fish are you going to keep
  3. I know some people use air cons and if your fish room is insulated it doesn't take much to keep warm
  4. What to do

    The clowns yes but no for the rest
  5. Hi and question

    Hi and welcome to the site nice looking fish
  6. Hi and welcome to the site I don't use any I just use rain water and tap water
  7. Have a good size male JD his about 18-20 cm pick up little mountain
  8. What to do

    What cichlids did you have in mind
  9. Hello from Richo72

    Hi and welcome to the site what fish do you keep
  10. Looking for geophagus

    red head geo steindachneri Orange Head Rio-pindare Jurapari or you could look up Eartheaters Australia it mite help you
  11. I love Mushrooms

    I'm going to get some more for my tank