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  1. 750x 750 x750 tank

    to the top im open to offers would like this gone may swap for some think fishy
  2. Shrimp

    Tech den has them now and then
  3. Newbie

    Hi and welcome to the site
  4. marine on cf

    do you have a skimmer on it and do you have any pic
  5. marine on cf

    @Craigoit's not the first marine tank I have had its about the 5th it's the first one on cf all the rest where sumped the the wife got pissed with the nose from the over flow
  6. Burundi Frontosa wanted

    Try @msc0433 mark and I think he has them on Gumtree as well
  7. marine on cf

    In the last marine tank I had I did one about every 2 to 3 weeks and used nsw
  8. marine on cf

    I don't know if I'm going to go b b or if I'm to use live sand so the under gravel will work
  9. marine on cf

    Thanks that would be great
  10. can you run a marine tank on a Canister Filter and if so what media would I need