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  1. dove

    hi and welcome to the site
  2. Is the Aqua one Nautilus 2700 canister filter still available and where is pick up thanks
  3. wtb sump pump and lights

    I have some brand new led lights for the 6x4 but I'm on the sunny coast
  4. Salvini

    I'm going to Caboolture tomorrow morning
  5. Newbie sort of

    Hi and welcome to the site and back to the hobby what size tank are you looking for
  6. Discus for Sale

    you have some nice discus there I have 2 spare tanks
  7. Discus for Sale

    I'm still thinking about setting up a predator tank as well I want a bat fish again
  8. WTB Texas holey rock

    Tech den
  9. substrate

    What fish are you doing and what filters do you have I use sand it's a bit hard on cf
  10. Black background

    I just painted mine
  11. Hi and welcome to the site
  12. Sold SOLD sold and picked up