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  1. Plumbing parts

    I have some plumbing parts for the old sump changed over 50 for the lot or may swap for some thing try me you dont know what I may say
  2. Hi and welcome to the site
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Ghost knife 8cm

    to far for me are you going to the next auction
  5. 8ft reef project

    what fish are you going to put in there got to love the tangs
  6. Now what to do all the Frontosa fry are gone
  7. Glass Cleaning

    Is this what you are looking for
  8. Glass Cleaning

    @Gavin1980 I have just been to @AQUAHOLICS ONLINE and I think he has what you are looking for
  9. Hi

    That's a nice size tank I looked at it but it was to far away for me
  10. Hi

    did you get it of gumtree
  11. Hi

    Hi and welcome to the site 1100lt tank that's big what is it 5ft xby x by
  12. Filter Leaking

    Yes it's all good for aquariums I always have one on hand
  13. Glass Cleaning

    I don't use it I do have a another one that has a scourer on it but I don't know where it is
  14. Glass Cleaning

    Or something like this if you lived up here you could of had this
  15. Filter Leaking

    Works well