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  1. tdj5

    thanks for the fish..have a nice day

  2. hey have pmd you heaps do you still want us to bring down the pearsei tomorrow???????0414297446

  3. deleted accidently was trying to work out the message centre--sorry

  4. hye dan are you around tomorrow, we are heading down that way around 10.45am,

    we will bring the pump to show you

  5. hey the last pump we got off you burnt out, smoke smell everywhere sitting in 2 ft water too.. do you know where we can get another big pump to do 2 bays asap please.. stores up here so expensive

  6. hey dan, do you still have the 2ft x 1 ft tanks think you had 6 of them? we are adding to our setup we got off you, by the way pump goes well cheers for that..

    0414297446 jason and suzanne

  7. would you take $40 for the oscars...ph 54939474

  8. hi what glass do u have left and how much and do u have any 3 ft tanks 4 sale

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