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  1. a big thanks for the fish the kids love them and thay have setted in gr8
  2. I looked at that tank just fill it up with water first to c if that back seal leaks it looked like it did I have a aqua one g220 skimmer on my 5x2x2 tank and a aqua one canister filter u may have to change the media in the canister filter it has been siting for a while so good luck with the tank and have some fun with it
  3. I have natural salt water a lot better than mixing it
  4. we have a 5x2x2 marine we run a skimmer, resun wavemaker and a canister filter with coral rubble in it, the tank has t5 light . we have live rock . fish are powder blue tang, fire fish , lemon peel angel, puffer,stripeys, 4x pink anthias, black and white clowns x4, we use natural sea water...cost us $60 for skimmer, $25 wavemaker buy second hand off the forums, the canister we had for our freshwater originally.
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  6. cool I have this weekend off will try to get there
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  8. hay mat a should u be doing some work
  9. well think its to do with water pressure and filters and old seals ...who knows its a mess though, well we have sealed up another tank that had leaked in a seal and flowed nicely through the garage.. so we are lucky to have a indoor community tank too ..
  10. well after trying to repair a leaking tank, we have another that exploded and most fish did not survive , tropical mixed aquarium with clowns, angels, mollies etc.... well we need to start again , have another tank.. now to stock it...so annoyed the money we spend on these fish and it can wash out in a second...we weren't home at the time.
  11. looking at getting a tunze reef pack 500L, so its a all in one skimmer filter, tank is 5ft x2x2, are these good currntly we run a canister and a catalina skimmer but its missing bits off the pump-the casing and leaks too.. or is it cheaper to run a sump? do i need a skimmer, live rock with morphs, clowns, lemon peel angel, puffer, so far. do we need a chiller?
  12. thay do have a warranty about a year take then back to the shop i did and got new ones aqua one are good
  13. thanks so much guys and will check out that caloundra spot,
  14. we didnt buy the salt, seller gave it to us with the fish and its pool salt which is what the fish were living in , was just wondering the best way to convert the fish back to nsw, we have another tank cycling and do understand the water parameters, thanks
  15. hi thanks guys the previous owner tells me now its pool salt, we went to the beach got some water did a 20% change will do the same this morning the small one is fine the bigger one died- so annoyed , how many people use natural sea water ? do you still have to cycle it? thanks
  16. ok the problem ...we just bought some clowns and it turns out the water is not marine salt its just aquarium salt( the see through stuff)one clown died now what to do we got the whole tank , kept their water and all its only a small 25L tank. how do i get the survivor into proper sea water without too much shock..just got them today..
  17. well todays good..gold severums laying the eggs so crossing our fingers, dempseys are looking good today..firemouths looking promising too..mollies like clockwork and the jewels well theres another story they dont seem to be doing anything
  18. peas are fine and lots of fish love them we give them to severums ,acei, pearsei, jewels, demasoni, just cook them slightly deshell and away you go
  19. ours just had a great batch of fry..keep trying..they are cute and really dark colour
  20. well ours are the salvini all freeswimmimg and 100`s of them, today the jd`s are due to emerge too... the bn well they dont stop... then its the africans
  21. well the 2 red are oinmg well now we seperated them from the pink thanks again
  22. red is male pink female though we have now put him in with the pearsei with the smaller red female and quite happy.. thanks for the advice
  23. we have 2 males and 4 female firemouths in a tank, 1 of the males the biggest fish in the tank has just been put in 2 days ago the large female is chasing him to the point he is hiding... why is she doing this she is a pink, he is red, we have 1 other red and rest pink..
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