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  1. blue dolphin cichlid (WHITE TEXT)

    I use a PC and still can't read it now
  2. blue dolphin cichlid (WHITE TEXT)

    now it has gone a very pale grey on my screen and I can barely read it
  3. blue dolphin cichlid (WHITE TEXT)

    I can read it ok
  4. Haters in the hobby

    Symptom of the modern world I'm afraid, lots of people around nowadays who grew up with doting parents who spoilt them rotten, didn't discipline them or teach them respect, and fought anybody else in authority who tried to That is why I keep to myself and a small group of trusted friends nowadays and don't allow other people anywhere near my fishroom.
  5. Wanted NEXUS. 210,220,310

    I have a friend near Caboolture with one he is looking to sell, have PM'd you his details
  6. If you are at Casuarina in Northern NSW, maybe take some photos of your fish and a water sample into Sebastian at Unique Aquarium in South Tweed for some analysis and advice.
  7. Good article below to help you understand and treat white spot http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/ich.php Depending on how far you moved and how long the move took, you could have issues with different water parameters and/or loss of filter efficiency that could be stressing the fish. Cheers, Doug
  8. 3 tier tank dimensions

    20cm is the minimum I have used but is adequate in my experience for comfortably catching fish and tank maintenance
  9. WTB Africans

    I have 8 available, shoot me a PM advising how many you want and we can arrange a pickup day and time. Cheers, Doug
  10. WTB Africans

    I have a few Synodontis Multipunctatus @ 5-6cm for $20.00 each, pickup from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast
  11. Help with BSB tank fitting

    you can also use uniseals
  12. These seem to be very scarce nowadays. Does anybody have a pure strain? Cheers, Doug
  13. Polyester filter wool on sale at Spotlight

    If you need dacron in bulk, track down a wholesaler that supplies upholsterers, I just got a 30 metre roll of 200gsm (3cm thick) dacron 1500 wide for $95.00 at Nerang on the Gold Coast. This stuff is nice and thick, not like the cheaper 100 & 150gsm dacron. I cut it into 72 sheets all 1250 x 500 which last 1-2 weeks in my sump.
  14. Offtopic

    me too
  15. Looking for reccomendations and advice.

    While you're visiting the Gold Coast, look up Michael Ellis at Gold Coast Fish Tanks, and Stands for a price for your 20-30 tanks. He is at Pacific Pines and can be contacted on facebook privately or through his business page.