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  1. You can call your fish hybrids or crossbreeds
  2. I'm using a PC also Baz. I just changed from default setting to QLDAF white/blue, has that made any difference?
  3. must be a girl right?

    My understanding is the OB Dimi comps were created originally by crossing Dimi comps with OB peacocks
  4. No, I only made the text bold after the posts saying people couldn't read it
  5. @gingerbeer any idea why people are having trouble reading my post?
  6. Text shouldn't be grey, I just checked and it is set to black and background is white on my screen? I made the text bold so hopefully that helps?
  7. For Sale ~ bulk lot of electric yellows, genuine 5.5 to 6cm, sold as unsexed, pickup only from Palm Beach. Contact by PM if interested 50 for $200.00 ($4.00 each) or 100 for $350.00 ($3.50 each) or 150 for $450.00 ($3.00 each)
  8. wtb electric blues

    I don't have electric blues, but I do have some nice male electric yellows at 9cm or so that would be perfect for a display tank for $10.00 each. Pickup from Palm Beach, Gold Coast.
  9. Redland bay pet centre closed

    Apparently the shopping centre decided to renovate the wing where Redland Pet Centre was located for many many years and then was only prepared to offer them a much much smaller space in the renovated wing. The space offered was not sufficient to carry enough stock to run the business profitably so the decision was made to close the doors instead. Russ has been in the industry and hobby for a very long time and I'm sure he will bob up again before too long.
  10. Go the Grundfos

    I have used the grundfos circulation pumps in the past too and loved them, cheap to run and absolutely bulletproof, go for ever. Pity they don't make a bigger model suitable for bigger systems and 2.5 metre head or I would still be using them.
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  13. Where is Nigel?

    I suspect Nigel may be staying quiet for the time being on the advice of his solicitor. The point of this post is that a local business I have trusted and dealt with for many years has suddenly suffered a major and unexpected change that will most likely impact on the ability of this business to maintain the levels of service I have come to expect. And I believe Jesse Elstak, who appears to be now running the business, should make a statement about what is going on with the business and why Nigel has suddenly disappeared.
  14. Where is Nigel?

    I was speaking with Nigel at Aquaholics only a couple of weeks ago and he was excited about plans he had for the business next year. That is why I am baffled as to his sudden exit from the business with no announcement, which you would expect given his hands on approach and long time relationships with many customers. I don't even know what this Jesse Elstak does at Aquaholics, I have always dealt with Nigel. I saw Jesse in the building a couple of times in recent years when I visited the shop at Forest Glen and assumed he looked after the office and/or warehouse for Nigel.