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  1. Help with BSB tank fitting

    you can also use uniseals
  2. These seem to be very scarce nowadays. Does anybody have a pure strain? Cheers, Doug
  3. Polyester filter wool on sale at Spotlight

    If you need dacron in bulk, track down a wholesaler that supplies upholsterers, I just got a 30 metre roll of 200gsm (3cm thick) dacron 1500 wide for $95.00 at Nerang on the Gold Coast. This stuff is nice and thick, not like the cheaper 100 & 150gsm dacron. I cut it into 72 sheets all 1250 x 500 which last 1-2 weeks in my sump.
  4. Offtopic

    me too
  5. Looking for reccomendations and advice.

    While you're visiting the Gold Coast, look up Michael Ellis at Gold Coast Fish Tanks, and Stands for a price for your 20-30 tanks. He is at Pacific Pines and can be contacted on facebook privately or through his business page.
  6. Looking for a tank builder

    I suggest you speak with Michael Ellis at Gold Coast Fish Tanks, and Stands. He is at Pacific Pines. He has been making tanks on the Gold Coast for many years and has made many tanks for me over the years, including making all the tanks for my new fishroom 9 years ago, the majority custom sizes. You can find him on facebook either on his personal or business pages.
  7. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    I have found the secret to not getting bored with the hobby is to grow older. Now that I have a head full of grey hair, I can't remember the details of keeping fish I kept 20 years ago, so I can start keeping them again and it is all new Another few years and I won't be able to remember fish I kept last week
  8. goldfish

    That is what got me into fishkeeping in 1963 at the ripe old age of 8, a goldfish from the Japanese cultured pearl pavilion at the Ekka.
  9. QLDAF need to change this

    You could bring back the breeders register. It was a good way for a breeder to build up a profile over time including feedback from other forum members.
  10. I think you mean Darren Thomson, he is on facebook as Gold Coast Discus, I think he is at Robina. There is also Living Reef Aquarium at Varsity Lakes who are discus specialists, they have a website and are also on facebook
  11. Most expensive fish

    Back in around 2006 I bought a colony of the first lot of wild caught Ikola Blue Lightning frontosa imported by Bayfish following the relaxing of import restrictions on frontosa. They were around 12-14cm and I bought 7, lucking out and ending up with 2m 5f. I found them to not be good holders and difficult to breed consistently, but I did get enough fry from them over the years to pay off my initial investment and then some. I sold the colony to James Rastinger 2-3 years ago as fully grown adults and the dominant male was and still is the biggest male frontosa I have personally seen. The females were all around 35cm and he dwarfed them and made the 10 x 2 x 2 they were in look like a 4 footer. I told so many lies to my wife at the time about how much they cost that I honestly cannot remember how much I actually paid for them, but it was enough to cause me a few sleepless nights until it was obvious they had settled into my fishroom and were eating well and probably going to survive
  12. Try people in plastic, they are at Rocklea : https://peopleinplastic.com.au
  13. My first Africans arrive

    If you are planning on breeding Lake Malawi mouthbrooding cichlids, you need to do it in species only tanks, not in a community tank. They will and do crossbreed readily intentionally, plus their milt can be carried by the current in a tank resulting in unintentional crossbreeding. Your tank is prefect for a mixed community of these cichlids, but do not keep or sell any fry produced in the community tank as they will be highly likely to be crossbreeds.
  14. QLDAF Rumours

    specially on April 1
  15. LP60 Help

    Sounds like it might just need new diaphragms and/or valves. Pull it apart and see if diaphragms are split. Link below for purchase of parts online : http://www.rockaroundtheblock.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=lp60+pond+air+pump