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  1. Probably not, most catfish are nocturnal Many catfish keepers set up their tank/s to facilitate easier viewing of their favourite catfish with structure including low platforms making caves that appeal to the fish and encourage them to be in plain sight.
  2. They weren't mine personally, but I did see a young group of eyebiter x electric yellow hybrids quite a few years ago, there were only a few of them and they basically looked like eyebiters with electric yellow colouration including the black bar in the dorsal fin. I did have eyebiters cross with blue dolphins myself very early in my african breeding career before I realised you need to breed all malawis in species specific tanks. Many people don't realise that malawis can easily crossbreed either intentionally or unintentionally in the closed confines and limited water volume of an aquarium. When any pair of malawis in a mixed community tank start breeding they release pheronomes into the water which stimulate breeding activity in other fish in the tank, even solitary males often ejaculate milt. The milt is pushed around by the water flow and current and the whole aquarium becomes a soup of milt. The eyebiter x blue dolphins I experienced myself occurred in a 6 foot tank containing a colony of each with breeding platforms set up at each end of the tank. When one pair started to breed, so would the other at the other end of the tank. One platform was set up under the sump return and the other under the drain, the current just pushed the milt down the tank, resulting in mixed spawns. I thought it was a great way of maximising tank useage until I realised what was happening.
  3. So what has happened to the QLDAF facebook group? Has it been deleted by the facebook police?
  4. Thanks mate, just getting older and the old football injuries are kicking in and the body is finding it harder to manage the workload in a large breeding room. My lovely wife has been very patient and understanding about my hobby for many years and now we are about to become grandparents I have promised her I will take a complete break from fish for a year or two so we can enjoy being retired grandparents together and make lots of trips down to Sydney after the lockouts to visit our daughter and grandchild without having to worry about the fish and fishroom. If I find I am missing fish too much in the future I can always wall off a section of my shed and put in a few smaller tanks that won't require much maintenance, so keeping my options open down the track. Cheers, Doug
  5. Thanks for the wrap @hamishh34 but I'm afraid I'm no longer breeding and currently in the process of closing down and selling off my fishroom. Cheers, Doug
  6. Please note guys, these fish are actually called Saulosi, not Salousi. According to my references they were named after a native porter, Saulos, who was present when they were first discovered in the lake. Ad Konings has also noted that he has observed on occasion older dominant female fish in the Lake displaying a paler version of male colouration and territorial behaviour in some species, including Saulosi. Are you sure the eggs being held are fertilised? Have you vent sexed your trio? All 3 are possibly females and the eggs may not be fertilised?
  7. Guppies at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast is pretty good, owned and operated by Gary Parker who has been in the industry forever and is a good guy https://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/
  8. I have plenty of yellows, but I'm on the Gold Coast. Try going back through the classifieds looking for posts by a guy called Butch, I think he is at Birkdale and usually has yellows available Cheers, Doug
  9. Thanks for sharing mate, very cool little setup. And those plants look super healthy.
  10. Hi Dale, welcome to QLDAF. I have responded to your PM Cheers, Doug
  11. If you want to have the ability to modify the return flow rate, install a T fitting with a tap in your return line so you can bleed off some of the return flow back into your sump before it reaches the tank
  12. yep, Dennison Seeto is the go to guy for large custom aquariums : https://marysaquarium.com.au/
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