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  1. I have plenty of yellows, but I'm on the Gold Coast. Try going back through the classifieds looking for posts by a guy called Butch, I think he is at Birkdale and usually has yellows available Cheers, Doug
  2. That won't help you get females I'm afraid mate, I line breed my strain with the intention of breeding thick black bars into all fins ~ dorsal, pelvic & anal on both males and females. Breeders who use that as a method of selecting females are actually intentionally breeding the fin bars out of their strain, which in my opinion is to the detriment of the fish, I much prefer the colour contrast of the bright yellow body and black fins in both sexes. You're probably not seeing it in that photo due to my poor photography skills but very few of the females in my strain currently have completely clear pelvic and anal fins. Also I'm afraid the bulk buy prices are for a random netting sold as unsexed. I don't sell electric yellows as sexed until they are big enough to be accurately vent sexed at 6.5 - 7cm.
  3. All good, happy to help Electric yellows are a good starter fish if you are just getting into africans, they are quite hardy and aren't as aggressive as some other malawis
  4. Females can start breeding at around 5.5cm with males a bit bigger, but they can't generally be vent sexed accurately until females are around 6.5cm or so.
  5. Still plenty left, needing some tank space for new projects, this is a one off bulk clearance : Pickup from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast
  6. Vent sexed young electric yellow females @ 7cm, 15 available for $12.00 each. Pickup Palm Beach, Gold Coast. PM if interested.
  7. Thanks for sharing mate, very cool little setup. And those plants look super healthy.
  8. I have too many electric yellows at the moment, all around 5.5cm. Bulk deals available. PM if interested. Pickup from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.
  9. Hi Dale, welcome to QLDAF. I have responded to your PM Cheers, Doug
  10. If you want to have the ability to modify the return flow rate, install a T fitting with a tap in your return line so you can bleed off some of the return flow back into your sump before it reaches the tank
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