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  1. Guppies at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast is pretty good, owned and operated by Gary Parker who has been in the industry forever and is a good guy https://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/
  2. I have plenty of yellows, but I'm on the Gold Coast. Try going back through the classifieds looking for posts by a guy called Butch, I think he is at Birkdale and usually has yellows available Cheers, Doug
  3. Thanks for sharing mate, very cool little setup. And those plants look super healthy.
  4. Hi Dale, welcome to QLDAF. I have responded to your PM Cheers, Doug
  5. If you want to have the ability to modify the return flow rate, install a T fitting with a tap in your return line so you can bleed off some of the return flow back into your sump before it reaches the tank
  6. yep, Dennison Seeto is the go to guy for large custom aquariums : https://marysaquarium.com.au/
  7. I used NLS for many years with good results with my malawis, but as I have only barebottom tanks in my fishroom, it was very noticeable that it did leave a lot of waste on the tank bottoms and I seemed to be constantly changing the dacron in my sump and cleaning clogged sponge filters. A few years ago now I switched to the sinking Colour Advance pellets supplied by Nigel Rattenbury at Fish Keepers Choice. There has been no noticeable difference in the results with my fish, they eat the pellets readily, and there has been a significant decline in waste on the tank bottoms and in my filters. And it is quite a bit cheaper than NLS. Win/win for me
  8. Hi Micky, welcome to QLDAF I breed electric yellows and some other Malawi cichlids, you would need to pick up from Palm Beach. I have sent you a PM (private message) with more info. Cheers, Doug
  9. Hi mate and welcome If you ever get down the Gold Coast way I may be able to help with some africans, mainly Malawi mbuna , a little less common Touch base if you are ever heading down this way, I'm sure @QldMick will vouch for my fish Cheers, Doug
  10. Well, I have just seen a video of some 8 - 9cm imported electric yellows currently in a tank in Melbourne. To be honest, I found them very disappointing and there is no way I will be obtaining any to use as breeding stock, in my humble opinion my own strain are far better quality, both in colouration and body shape. I do not know where the ones in the video were imported from, but I am assuming Asia. My understanding is that electric yellows are not collected wild from the lake and exported nowadays. Presumably importers therefore will have the option of importing quality German stock or cheap stock from Asia, much like with Cyrtocara moori (aka blue dolphins) which have been an allowable import for many years. In my personal experience the German blue dolphins are far better quality than the cheap Asian ones and I assume this will also be the case with electric yellows. So I'm expecting there may be the odd small import of the quality German lines which will sell at a premium, probably mainly to serious breeders. But I expect the bulk of imports will be cheap Asian stock by major wholesalers which while admittedly bringing some new blood into the country, I do not expect to add any appreciable quality to current stocks.
  11. Hi Corby, welcome to the site. You can use the search function in top right corner to read old threads, there is lots of information going back many years. There is also a native fish club you may be interested in joining : http://www.angfaqld.org.au/aqp/
  12. Can't be sure from blurry photos Brett, but wouldn't surprise me if they are hybrids. Lots of people trying to breed malawis in mixed community tanks nowadays and I have never seen so many hybrids getting around If they aren't the quality you are after, best to move them on and get some that are up to scratch.
  13. Better station somebody at the school until 7:00pm to advise people, not very good organisation, another 30 minutes and I would have been gone from home and not able to see the post
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