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  1. jesus ,, did it survive ? maybe wildcaught fish ? looks like old spearfishin wound:pop2:
  2. nice lookin severums up the back ? maybe festae or chocolate cichlid in middle ?
  3. Think theres only 3 websites isnt there ?? QLDAF , POKERSTARS & of course Official Website of the Cronulla Sharks - Sharks UP UP Cronulla
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  5. Nice to meet you today Hamish & thanks for driving 200km round trip to trade fish Not many young blokes would do that,- & not many research / think about needs of fish they aquire like you did with the Lnumbers n peps. Good to know when fish leave here they will be looked after cheers & kudos jono
  6. ooh seen couple today,, not near ippy but isn't it,, hey wiill he be able turn arounud in da 2footer inda house
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  8. he knows his fish thats 4 sure, used to operate the fish cave at maroochydore for years,,, probly better off at AOA or tech den for the hardware but
  9. they'd go good in this one probly the anubias on driftwood only $17 at minyama cant go wrong
  10. hmmmm, planet catfish call this one the false L144 with a black pupil & blue ring around the eye ANY LOCAL MEMBERS with a decent camera invited to take photos of these guys coz i like em & me cameras no good Anyway not to pollute [MENTION=9141]Nafe420[/MENTION] thread with a can of worms, but thats what these fish appear to be Good luck with them mate they look great and are the most uninhibited of all plecos i reckon, constantly out in the open showin off Geez if i was [MENTION=8256]Ray[/MENTION]Ray i tink i'd be hanging onto my L134's, coz there'd be a few people with dainty longfin, bristlenose, albino, L144, blackeye, blueeye. redcap, whiteish, yellowish, bold orange, bushynosed zucchini munchin poop machines be happy to go swaps....
  11. Ya reckon ? Whats this then ? Need a better camera
  12. how big is the tank ?? stick with american cichlids, plenty hidey holes bristlenose/ bigger plecos
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