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  1. you do need a few segments to get good action. depending on the use the knock off stuff is fine if most of it stays under water, can leak at the joins though. the genuine stuff wont leak at the joins though does cost more
  2. No worries, it seems like a go-er then. Il be keeping marines in it so will have a chiller that vents straight out of the wall, il add a door near the main set of doors so i dont need to open up the whole container, and im considering putting in a couple of solar tubes over the tank. I figured painting the outside white should reduce absorbed heat even more
  3. so will a couple of whirly birds on top? as well as some form of ventilation work? im happy to get a wall mount ac unit but dont want it running 24/7 during the warmer months. ideally id like the inside of the room to stay under 30c in summer.
  4. basically im wanting to know what the temps get like during summer. im happy to run vents, and whirly birds on the top but not really keen on having aircon running in it full time. i sorta want it too be a mancave type of things. rather than full of fishtanks would have a couple display tanks. etc
  5. im considering buying an insulated (ex coolroom/refrigerated) shipping container and reporposing it as a fishroom. does anyone have any experience with this type of setup? temps etc of the actual room
  6. That mentality there is exactly why you shouldnt collect willy nilly like you do. you have no appreciation or value for life with these animals.
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  8. keeping them for a short period of time anyone can do, please respond with findings in 6-12 months time
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  11. whats your budget and what types of corals do you want to keep? both of those probably wont give you enough light long term for corals. and leds currently range from $100 odd to above $1200
  12. basically if you use two pipe one of them is setup as a full siphon, then the second is like one of the pictures you have posted they both work the same. i cant link other forums on here but if you good silent aquarium overflows full siphon durso standpipe you should get some good info to help
  13. your tank size 20mm down pipe would be more than sufficient if you run a syphon/durso arrangement. id bump it up to 25mm if you're only using one pipe. but if you do choose to use only one pipe its likely to be noisy.
  14. well because its salt water and you are using a sump any evaporation will only been seen in the last compartment of the sump. need to maintain the waterlevel here otherwise the salt content within the tank will increase with evaporation. and yes sorta like your photo, although with the spheres and crushed coral, maybe just chuck them in a media bag like the techden sells. as long as they are in the water they will do the job. they dont need to have every bit of water pass through it.
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