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  1. I actually went and spent the day with Lawrence at Lucky Tropical back in July when I was in Penang. Watching these water changes happen is incredible. Lawrence changes all the water in their tanks twice a day, no filtration at all other than an air line. He does this from his tiny fish all the way up to the adults. Lawrence has 3 farms, I went through 2 of them so roughly 1000 tanks and did not see 1 dead fish. Lawrence put food in one of the tanks as soon as it was refilled and the fish were going nuts for it so this water change didn't hurt them at all, they have had it twice a day their entire lives. Discus are a lot hardier than we give them credit for
  2. I recently went to one of the Discus breeding farms in Malaysia. What they do when they have one parent that may become a bit Argo with the other is to leave both patents in the tank but put one parent in a sort of bird wire trap, that way the babies can freely swim between both parents to get the slime coat but the parents don't fight which is a cause of them eating the babies/eggs.
  3. I'm in the process of setting up an 8x2x2 and I am wondering what are good non aggressive Americans? I've got a colony of 11 Geophagus Altifrons coming and didn't know what else I should put in with them?
  4. Hi All, My daughter has fallen in love with Bettas and wants to keep and breed them. As I know nothing about them (catfish and rainbow fish for me) I thought I'd see if I could find out some information for her before we get too far into it. What is a good way to set up the system? ie tank sizes for keeping as well as breeding? I thought a rack system so she can keep the breeders as well as the grow out tanks all on the one rack. Any help would be appreciated.
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