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  1. A good pic of one of the fry I got from you @Mick75
  2. Great pics Jas. The memories of such beautiful fish. foai are allowed to be imported the last I know. It’s just if there available at the time of the import. I guess we all gotta hood right for it to happen
  3. Sorry mate all gone. I have wigglers atm so 3-4 months and will have more
  4. Very Interesting Michael and great too hear. I owned them years ago and sold them to that Paffey bloke in Sydney. They were Beautiful fish
  5. Was a bit blunt I wrote last night but that’s life. would like to say thanks to the mods and members that did make this forum great in the past and present and the time they donated to do that. Cheers too you people
  6. Thanks Nigel for ruining the biggest fish forum in oz. people like you made me and a lot of other breeders get out of fish as it was so competitive and lost the meaning of ‘hobby’. After a few years of a break I’m back enjoying the hobby again. So sad to see the inactive site this now is.
  7. Hopefully @jelio2 can come up with the goods to help this species going in aus. best of luck mate. Would be interested in fry if so mate just like JB. im currently seeing if I can get foai imported through an importer. Not confident that will happen but trying my best at least for this species in aus. im on the trail Jas and will let you know mate
  8. We will find them Jas don’t worry about that
  9. Yeah mate that’s for sure. Hopefully Kev’s line is still floating around. They were the bomb back in the day
  10. I’ll keep that idea on the back burner atm as I’m getting a nice girl and might of found a male. Thanks for the offer though and I’ll hit you up if needed
  11. WTB: festae / red terror male on the smaller side the better. message me on here or 0404914447 for a quicker response. cheers james
  12. I have 3 available 6-7cm should be males
  13. Wtb: Blue Dolphins If you have some your willing to sell or know of anyone please send us a message or text me. thanks James 0404914447
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