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  1. Fingers crossed mate. Remember me for fry in the future
  2. Cheers mate. I’m definitely lucky too own this pair. Sounds like the Americans are going pretty well locally which is great. I haven’t seen festae which is a shame. Such an amazing species. Hope someone has some going still.
  3. After a small pleco Up to 15cm Prefer a goldspot or a sailfin pm if you have or know a lead to get one. I’m in no rush so happy to wait if your a pleco breeder. cheers james
  4. Hey Jas, yeah it’s definitely been a few years now. I’m doing well thanks mate. Slowly getting a few more tanks for some displays so I’ll be a bit more active lol. Hope you you the fam are doing well. From what I’ve seen lately it’s getting pretty hard to find certain species. The hobby isn’t looking to healthy in the hat respect which is a shame. cheers James
  5. dovii fry all gone IMG_5267.MOV
  6. Thanks Jas. Was good catching up again and having a chat. I’ll let you know when them dovii fry is ready. Cheers james
  7. I own moba, tembwe and soon to be Mikula frontosa but very little fry atm due to other commitments
  8. Yeah man it's a cracking fish that's for sure. Hopefully he gets stuck into breeding and not killing lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just sharing a pic of this rare beauty in oz. He is a solid 32-35cm and has 5 females so hopefully he gets into breeding again to boost numbers back up in oz as their is only 3 of us that own them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks Brent. Your first in line for the Resha mate. 20 growing out [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Furcifer Resha females? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks mate. Yeah I have a soft spot for them that's for sure. Such stunning colour and markings Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. F1 Kapampa Frontosa Furcifer Resha WC Tembwe Frontosa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I could comment but all I'm doing is taking away from this post more and more and that's no my intentions. I'm more then happy to pm my view to you instead if you like. Apologies for taking away from the post again...
  15. People want to see a more active QLDAF is the point. Facebook is active so it's a good example to use... There are like 15,000+ members on here and it's Australia's Largest Fish site so it should be more active then it currently is. No one listens regarding suggestions to help this forum anyways so it's a real shame I think.
  16. Ok here is one for you all... Here is one of my male electric yellows from my breeding colony.... Do I have a quality male here and if there was a grading system what do you give it. A- for me lol Is fish could be food if you aren't kind lol [emoji6]
  17. You sum it up perfectly like I'm trying to say but no mod is really prepared to listen ( to me anyways lol )make this forum back was it used to be. Facebook booms why can't QLDAF be Like that again.
  18. It's got my name in it. Of course it will be locked lol
  19. No offensive taken if that was your intentions. At the time I took it as offensive cause what I've seen is you always bagging it out on here so I didn't see the funny said too it. Yeah I agree Facebook has some characters that's for sure but so does everywhere that was my point. The last thing I would want is a hobbyist to consider quitting this forum or anything else because of me and I'm happy to drop it and let it go.... And sorry if I came across rude. I'm very passionate about my hobby and been told by the missus I can come across a bit bunt at times. I'm guilty once or twice calling my yellows a grade but also called them Z grade taking the piss out of it as well lol but I guess when you but yellows from Doug you know your getting Quality yellows [emoji481]
  20. Are you have a active Facebook account? Sounds like regardless what is the best social network or what trend is now taking over the world your not a fan of it and that's fine and I respect that but at least have some respect for others that do find it great to use for a multitude of things and choose to expand there marketplace of buying and selling as this is a fish related post. Mate your basically fresh legs on here according to the date you joined which was earlier this year and if you seriously think trolls aren't everywhere then ok, I'm not gonna sit here and try convince you otherwise. Only if you knew the bs behind the scenes of this hobby and what really goes on you might view it a bit differently. If Facebook was so bad and this forum is so perfect why would members, mods etc on here either run Facebook groups / pages of be members? Facebook and this forum like many other sites etc have there good and bad points to them. I had no issues with you and your view but you took that too far today by labelling certain people 'Bogans' in the African cichlid for sale section (screenshot attached). I've done that before so I took offence to that and there are plenty more other hobbyists that write 'Need Gone' even ON HERE but you still label it as a Facebook only issue. Anyways, that's my rant and slightly off topic but somewhat relevant as I was responding to an above statement which I didn't appreciate personally. Cheers
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