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  1. These taken with my Hanimex Manual Macro 175mm Lens
  2. Since my 6ft is now being moved. Have a little tank with some babies ready for the new tank set up. Canon 60D Tamron 18 - 55mm
  3. talk to a member called wolfgang, I know he has alot of prefabbed insulation that he might let go.
  4. I thought no fancy fins meant it was a girl?
  5. Just bought the Tamaron 2.6 17-50mm for my 60D love it... so want a 100mm macro
  6. ^^ 2nd that.. my 6ft is on a low stand and so tried of bending down to look at it, on the up side though it is easier to clean as I don't need to stand on a ladder .
  7. Nice work! Macro Lens for the 60D FTW !
  8. Love the tank! Was thinking of building a new stand is yours black? Would love some pics of it, looks so clean
  9. Yer as trk18 stated go and see Wolfgang's set up. He will be able to point you in the right direction.
  10. I must say this forum kicks ass as it connects everyone together in one big happy place. With a massive knowledge base! Thanks so much to Wolfgang for the fine electric yellows, blues, and flamebacks! He is so welcoming and has an amazing set up! Helped with so much info ! NeptuneGardens.com.au FTW! To everyone else who has guided me in my journey THANK YOU! Love it when people come around and inspect the tank and say "WOW"
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Nice set up Jabmel, thanks for the ideas. Didn't think too much about heating out @ my property but now I think I will have to set up something to my battery solar/wind bank.
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