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  1. True, reading back on the thread you did say a looking good & ray quoted and said thanks, was just the most recent posts since 18/4 that someone replied and ray quoted them that you said thanks that I misconstrued it was you under a false account replying to the last response. Should have just checked the dates on the thread more Nevermind me, have a great weekend! (get my glasses in a couple of weeks!)
  2. oh, and if Ray opened his own underwater world (amazed he and Sarah keep finding space for massive tanks!) then yeah, wouldn't mind a walk through but he needs to build a red-tailed black shark habitat to sell me haha
  3. Da fuq? You have an alternate account as jonsey in chermside @johnbetta? busted! Haha, all good if you do, the forum needs more active members but if so you need to keep track of your aliases Rays posts are pretty interesting and good to follow, the old vettes are better than the crap they bring our now, maybe the ZR1's from 93 my fav. Saw a late model camaro on the way back from Bribie yesterday - shocked me that someone would spend 120k(?) on 1 when you could get a much nicer, stronger muscle car for 30-70k less... But you got the money, then why not... (still 68 camaros look better than 18 camaros) Back on topic and Ray has some awesome toys, I couldn't even keep a hammer coral thriving (the 2 I had were shrinking). Never did target feeding, never knew I had to and never asked. Is great watching people that know what they are doing! If I tried a marine tank again (and I loved my redline shrimp), would stick to fish only
  4. The lid mesh is pretty cool, maybe I would have seen my royal gramma after I released it into my tank back in the day. Was a pretty fish in the shop!
  5. I gave up as spent all my weekends going to fish shops (peeved I didn't get the blue hammer at pet city when I saw it but tank was still cycling). Makes me jealous/awed when I see people that know what they are doing! Needs a pair of redline shrimp though
  6. Reverse Osmosis - removes metals/other nasties out of water so you get a clean water output and a waste water output that you can use on garden or whatever. I think I got an RO filter from this site when I had a marine tank and was making RO water for top-ups - https://www.psifilters.com.au/42-reverse-osmosis?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgOrrkLzH6wIVi38rCh22jgBmEAAYAiAAEgLfmvD_BwE
  7. Apparently I'm working on my own pond! Went for a swim last night and disturbed some ducks... How many bags of salt do I need to sustain a reef shark? Would rather a nibble on my toes than swimming with duck shat!
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  9. Would kiddie pool clam shells floating on the top hold up the weight of the tarp?
  10. Bottom of page 1 for me (last link) - rest assured, I haven't googled them before - but that is the old thread anyway, does that still count?
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  12. Ah true, its the 675LT and a 650 Le Mans
  13. Mclaren 675 when the 650LT is in the shop, oh wait, that is my friend...
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