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  1. Had the same problem when I started out with tropicals (same suburb). kept dumping stuff in the water to try to get the ph right. Eventually was told that you will never balance the water here so stopped trying. Never had a problem with breeding or fish health. The fish you have will be just fine with usual water changes and normal care and maintenance. Was only when I started keeping africans that I added calcium carb to the tank to buffer up. Again, with the fish you have, don't stress on water chemistry other than keeping clean ie. filtration and water changes.
  2. Only had him 3 years and got it when it was about 4-5 inches long so I don't think age was the issue although I agree about the water quality. The cichlids will tend to go off the feed and labour with their breathing if water is an issue. Everything in the tank is normal. Am keeping a closer eye on the remainder of plecos particularly.
  3. Just an update. He is now in the bin. Went up for tea and came back to find he hadn't moved and had lost colour from most his scales/armour. A mystery to me. All the other fish in the tank still happy and hungry.
  4. They get algae wafers and also skim the surface when sera flora goes in. the tank also gets protein pellets which I 've never seen the plecos fuss over. The main confusion is why one fish gets ill while all others are fine.
  5. Have an 8 footer (tank not fish), filled with africans, loaches, a couple of bgk and three plecos. 2 sailfin and a goldspot ( approx 26 cm). Well one of the sailfin was found alive but laying on his back obviously not well. Occasionally he appears to spasm slightly as if cramping. Now I know the first question is "water parameters" but as I don't have a test kit handy I can't tell you. But there are over 20 other fish in there all perfectly happy and healthy, the water is clean, clear and not smelly. He is so still I can just pick him up and handle him, so can tell you he is uninjured (no bites, lesions nothing on the anus). Any ideas???
  6. If the base seal is leaking it is because of the side bowing and old silicone between side and base letting go. You are correct to think the insde bead won't hold. The side will still bow and the old silicone glueing it to the base will continue to let go. Best fix is to get a strip of glass say 8mm thick 50mm wide and silicone this flat to the base and edge to the side. (like a brace). This will stop the bowing and replace the joint between base and side structurally.
  7. I would grab her out if thats easy. I have had a maingano and trewavasae female in my 8foot. they "root" anything from zebra to afra. Before I knew it I had a plague of mongrels. Now this 8foot has everything from eyebiter to ghostknife. Yet there is enough hidy places and the fkrs are quick enough to escape while they grow. Deadset they are as bad as snails.(worse actually I don't have snails). One ore two have grown into nice enough fish but nothing special, so they are just no-name cichlids taking up space eating good food and shttng in the water. Pests really. As yours is a demasoni then the mongrel offspring are a chance of looking nice so maybe grow them to see, vent sex then re release to the display tank. but if its a big tank then you will have a hard time as she will produce more females that will in turn breed also.
  8. I think if they are sulking in the corners with only a couple of scabby maingano to contend with then water might be the issue. if they are new to the tank, maybe settling in.? But obviously if they aren't happy they won't breed. I think some seperate areas to hide. No need for a pile of rocks but 5 or 6 rocks in seperate areas and the dominant fish will find his spot and the next his and so on. Maybe change some water , get some air going, helthy diet and away they go.
  9. Most of those style cannisters have a cap/plug at the top of the unit to fill water into the top/motor area where the is often an air pocket. usually fill the cannister, top up that air pocket/plug, drop the outlet hose, have a suck to start siphon with inlet hose in tank. Once you get continual siphon flow you can power it up and bob's your aunt fanny.
  10. I thought that 6 bar frontosa were not so long ago reclassified as a different species and are no longer actually "frontosa". I remember this sparking debate on this forum as there was a push to provide correct scientific names in the trader section. The upshot of that debate was that common names are acceptable but it should be recognised that scientific classification is important if you are species specific ie. Fine to sell "6 bar frontosa" but be aware they are not frontosa. Don't know if that is technically correct but htat was the debate at the time. I think what that means is that there are species variants that may be hybrids and if they are around long enough and are a pure consistant variant then the science fish nerds will re classify to acknowledge them as their own species. I think.
  11. Two questions.... 1. I am worried about the other additives in many household bleaches, so can I use chlorine as I believe bleach is a chlorine/water mix. ...and....... 2. If I don't use a buffer at the end stage of regeneration, will my tank water ph go sky high???
  12. So I'll kick it off with a thanks to Andrew (SavageRoo). 18 months ago and newish to the hobby my 8 foot tank sprung a serious leak. Without knowing me, he came to have a look and offer advice and reassurance. That kept me optimistic and reaffirmed the solution. I am sure he has done this many times for many people. My mate Matt (Waltec)too has offered much advice and and acted as a sounding board, even when we hardly knew each other.
  13. A Purigen question. Most say they have a "small bag" of it in their cannister. Is that sufficient just being there or should it be spread right across the basket so all the water must pass through it to effectively polish the water? Will it work well with the water passing by? And if it covers the total area of the basket is it likely to clog sooner? I would have thought it important to have all the water having to pass through it and was thinking of putting an inline filter (similar to a fuel filter) on the cannister's return pipe. Obviously the method and cannister shape would determine the amount needed. Maybe? :notsure:
  14. Hey there, no pressure or anything, but is everything on track for the big day, bookings, organisation, itinerary etc.?? Also some like me would like to budget for the event so is it possible to get an idea on fish and hardware specials that may be on offer. I for one will be looking for some fish listed on the bayfish list and possibly another cannister filter and bio media. I visited your store a few weeks ago and was the first time I've seen the new range of Aqua One decor/ornaments. Best fake rocks I've seen, pricey though, but they are another item would be very interested in if you're offering at SPECIAL prices on the day. If you wish to keep pricing and specials exclusive, maybe an email to those registered for the trip. :wink: Cheers.
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