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  1. 42ml. Will is break the bank to fill an ibc? 1000l?
  2. Would you know how many litres is 100 bio balls? My maths is very poor lol
  3. Out of fashion but i still use them. The qty she's using must be so much and expensive
  4. I've been considering keeping discus and the term stale water came up. Discus need huge water change due to stale water. So if i don't want to waste large quantities of water what can i do. In aquaponics they use plants to clean the water. Is it enough to clean the water. If so is duckweed the answer.
  5. I grew 6 zuchinni plants this year. For 2 months it was great for my catfish. But summer came and wiped my plants. Your idea is good.
  6. Look at the tail. Males have furry tails
  7. Thanks guys. Will look into acquiring some of these varieties
  8. Are there any easy to keep shrimp like red cherries? Meaning doesn't need perfect water and no chiller? Thanks
  9. Can anubias, java fern, us fissiden survive without heating through our winter?
  10. .'Lucky' Asian fish lands woman in court 1. You must have a chip. 2. They will kill your fish then be able to find the chip 3. They will destroy an endangered fish to protect it.
  11. I think structurally it is OK. Just might leak. Thanks thatsright99. I'll go to bunnings and a LFS to have a look
  12. .Does anyone know where I can get this stuff? I need about 46cm of it. I moved the tank and found an 8cm splinter of glass right on the corner. Im filling it up with water ATM and it's not leaking. But if I don't reinforce it, it'll be an accident waiting to happen. Thanks.
  13. What's the best lenses for dark aquarium photography. For Nikon d5200. Anyone know?
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