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  1. holy jeebus! someone told me on the old vine that you were back so thought i should roll up and see what the go was, and i got lost in all the jibberish, pretty sure there was only 6 catagories last time i was here! general, off topic, newbies, dry goods, live stock, and register.... ahhhhh the good ol days! i havent really been on here since we all bailed when the forum turned to crisp 1000 thread count sheets many moons ago pokey still kicking around too will tell him he needs to get back on here too and have a look around ;0)
  2. great skill, biscuit or dowl join it and clamp it hard, then sand it smooth and the join almost completely disappeares, and then cut to the desired width, its actually quite easy theres nothing wrong with using mdf as long as its the right grade, theres been a discussion on this a while ago, ive had my 6x2 complete cabinet and hood made from mdf and its as it was the day i made it and its not 6 years old, not all mdf and chipboards are made the same but thats a discussion for another time,
  3. mr ray is also spot on! ive got 2 sheets of jap mat 2mx1m 1500 bio balls, 15kgs coral 20litres of matrix, 100 coral balls/disks andthere was something else but its evading my memory.. roughly drains 190-200 litres of water from tanks when power goes out, this means unless sump is over half full when running its never going to go close to over flowing, its all in the maths ;o)
  4. thats way overkill for a sump, i have a 4x2x2 sump it has 2 8x2x700, 2 6x2x2 1 8x15x2 2 2x2x18 and an ibc and still is nowhere near overflowing when the power goes out, it all depends on where you have the bulkheads and water level in the tanks
  5. if one has it, then chances are they all have it by now, big L and id take all the gravel out and run bare btm tank as its easier to remove the worms once they pass through the fish from the big L. if you have more than one tank id be keeping a very close eye on them too, dont use same nets hoses etc, clean your hands before changing from tank to tank, id bleach the beejeebus outta everything you have used or touched too ;0)
  6. nitrite reading? and nitrate shouldnt show a complete zero either, but anything breeding in a community tank is not the best idea
  7. mick is not making any more tanks. im sure people can find other sources for quality tanks lol, now wheres the eye roll smiley...
  8. apparently thats all thats left of the coast, not much to choose from, although i prob wont be going to either of them, one still stands out from the other as the place to go,
  9. all exsisting orders for tanks will be filled but after that there will be no more
  10. there wont be any more quality tanks being made,
  11. sad to see another great aquarium shop close, as of this afternoon Aquarium and Petland closed its doors, for those that knew there were some epic deals to be had, mick and leanne were great owners full of knowledge,service and a long time in the industry, with The BEST TANKS you will find anywhere no questions asked!
  12. interesting, for a little bit more than 200 id get a dexion stand, second hand dexion/space rack can be found cheaper from ebay and dealers also carry second hand gear too. it definetly works out better bang for your buck, i bought mine all brand new because im fussy and money doesnt mean anything when youve got alot of high end fish but a mate picked up a 2 uprights and 6 beams for 220 online( beams rated at 2t), not that theres anything wrong with second hand gear !!!! but if your set on timber a middle leg in the middle front would be ideal,
  13. depends how big your tank/system is and your budget.... i just use chillers so ive never really bothered with fans. chillers are easy as to use water in one side and out the other, set the temp on the control. can keep a constant water temp rather than up during the day and cooling off at night. can keep all the lids on tanks too so no need for fly screen and what ever else to keep the jumpers in the tanks.
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