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  1. If there are any swords or crypts available I’d happily take some of those.
  2. Sorry Rocky I don’t. Fish getting bigger, 5cm $15 each and 6cm for $20 each.
  3. @crusty76 I saw one for sale on gumtree at 12 inches long, it’s part of a fish tank package. Perhaps you can ask to purchase the fish separately? Cheers Chris
  4. Robbo_003

    Nutris Bloodworms

    Where are you located in Brisbane?
  5. Only a few more 3 cm left. Also some 5cm are available.
  6. PM for details, only getting bigger.
  7. Robbo_003

    WTB - L134 Male

    Hi Julio, the fish has settled in well you have a great set-up. Appreciate the easy change over it was nice to meet you. Thanks Chris. If there are anymore out there please PM.
  8. Robbo_003

    WTB - L134 Male

    Weekend Bump - still looking.
  9. Robbo_003

    WTB - L134 Male

    Still looking.
  10. Peppermint Bristlenose for sale below sizes available: - 3cms - $10 each - 5cms - $15 each - 7 - 8cms - $30 each (sub adults unsexed) *Pickup Camp Hill *Please bring bucket
  11. Robbo_003

    WTB - L134 Male

    To the top.
  12. Robbo_003

    WTB - L134 Male

    That’s great Julio, we all have to start somewhere! Still looking.