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  1. Peppermint Bristlenose for sale below sizes available: - 3cms - $15 each - 5cms - $20 each *Pickup Camp Hill *Please bring bucket
  2. @billfishyeah mate I’ve seen those cases on the other sites, despicable. Makes me wary now with the whole shipping fiasco especially for expensive L’s
  3. Unbelievable..... I tip my hat to you Jas for honouring the hold mate says a lot about you as a person. As for old mate, I hope he reads the thread and has a hard look at himself, we certainly don’t need people like them in the hobby. Really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth all the negative stories I’m hearing lately. Chris
  4. Testing the waters still, anything out there?
  5. L134 colony (4 fish) at Parkinson on Gumtree.
  6. Hi @challenger1966 if you don’t have any luck immediately, I’ll have some Available in a month or two as they are growing out. Cheers Chris
  7. Welcome Zen. Great set up, please keep the photos coming.
  8. Nice @Stevefishall the best, hope she breeds for you Cheers Chris
  9. @mcfry40 Thanks Jas. I contacted the person some time ago and they weren’t prepared to sell a female separately which is fine. Thanks for the message. Chris
  10. Thanks for the reply @danfishy84apologies I’ve been swamped at work. My only spare male is a different bloodline from interstate, otherwise I’d definitely consider a swap. Looks like lovely fish. Alternatively happy to buy one. Happy for you to coordinate the swap with @Stevefish, glad to see the thread is bringing people together Still looking team. Cheers Chris
  11. Hi Dan how old is your female and where are you located? Cheers Chris
  12. Pre- weekend Bump. Sub adult female is acceptable.
  13. Bump - Looking for another female.
  14. Have sourced one beauty, considering one more depending what’s out there. Cheers Chris
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