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  1. @hardia- thanks Heath for being easy to deal with and turning up on time. All the best with the fish and your future breeding endeavours. Chris
  2. @hardiaYep no worries, working from home. Send me your number and I’ll send address through. Cheers Chris
  3. @hardiayes I have 10 available. Let me know if and when you would like to arrange pickup. Thanks Chris
  4. Re-posting after having a few more then expected, good sizes available. Cheers Chris
  5. All sold thanks to buyers. Will do a bit of a stock take to see if I have any more, otherwise more available in a month or two. Chris
  6. Peppermint Bristlenose for sale below sizes available: - 3cms - $15 each or 10 for $130 - 5cms - $20 each *Pickup Camp Hill *Please bring bucket
  7. Welcome Zen. Great set up, please keep the photos coming.
  8. Hey, plenty of good shrimp keepers on the site. You’re in the right place, welcome.
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