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  1. @josh18- was nice to meet you and thank you for the easy transaction. Confirming there are only 4 x 3-4cm left and a several 6cm+ for sale. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi Josh have tried to PM, however I think your inbox may be full. Feel free to PM Thanks Chris
  3. Robbo_003

    Wanted Adult Peppermint Males

    I have some spare adult males, but may be a bit far for you. Cheers chris
  4. Variety of sizes still available. More fry coming through.
  5. Robbo_003

    loads of crypts

    Hi Puncy, Id be interested in some large crypts, when could I organise pickup. Thanks Chris
  6. Thanks @shane_meredith easy to deal with, hope the fish settled in well. More still available, all sizes. Thanks Chris
  7. Hi Shane, sent you a PM. Cheers Chris
  8. More available. Hanstacey I have sent a PM
  9. Sorry Rocky I don’t. Fish getting bigger, 5cm $15 each and 6cm for $20 each.
  10. Only a few more 3 cm left. Also some 5cm are available.
  11. PM for details, only getting bigger.
  12. Peppermint Bristlenose for sale below sizes available: - 3cms - $10 each - 5cms - $15 each - 7 - 8cms - $30 each (sub adults unsexed) *Pickup Camp Hill *Please bring bucket