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  1. WTB - L134 Male

    Still looking.
  2. Peppermint Bristlenose for sale below sizes available: - 3cms - $10 each - 5cms - $15 each - 7 - 8cms - $30 each (sub adults unsexed) *Pickup Camp Hill *Please bring bucket
  3. WTB - L134 Male

    PM sent.
  4. FS Peppermint Bristlenose Fry

    Only getting bigger.
  5. WTB - L134 Male

    To the top.
  6. WTB - L134 Male

    That’s great Julio, we all have to start somewhere! Still looking.
  7. WTB - L134 Male

    Hi Julio, not as yet sorry. I’m trying to establish a colony and need a few additional males. Still looking.
  8. Hi all, I’m chasing 1-2 confirmed L134 males for my existing colony. Please PM details including cost and location. Have money waiting for the right fish. Thank you in advance. Chris
  9. FS Peppermint Bristlenose Fry

    Long weekend bump.
  10. FS Peppermint Bristlenose Fry

    New batch available, limited numbers.
  11. FS Peppermint Bristlenose Fry

    Thanks Hugo for the easy transaction. More fry available.
  12. WTB peppermint bristlenose

    Hi R34 Nick, I have a couple of spare males available if interested? PM for details. Thanks Chris
  13. FS Peppermint Bristlenose Fry

    Hi Hugo new batch ready to go. Pm for further details. Thanks Chris
  14. FS Peppermint Bristlenose Fry

    Weekend bump. Still more available.