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  1. @Jscraphey mate, I’ve got one person coming to inspect the large male tomorrow and if he doesn’t take him there’s another person in line, I will keep you updated. I still have a few larger unsexed ones available at this stage. Cheers Chris
  2. @Blake91- thanks for the business Blake was nice to meet you mate. Hope the drive back went fine. All the best with the fish. All 5cm fish - SOLD Cheers Chris
  3. Have sourced one beauty, considering one more depending what’s out there. Cheers Chris
  4. I’m thinking of moving on my 35cm+ gold spot pleco. Let me know if interested. Cheers Chris
  5. Reply to both, thanks for the enquiries. @pantodon I’d have to check, I’m confident I have 3 left at that size. @Jscrapthats weird, have room left in the inbox. As above I’m confident I have at a minimum 3 7/8cm size. I also have some 3cm available and also 4/5cm. Cheers Chris
  6. As the title suggests I’m chasing 2 x L134 females breeding age/size. Recently lost one due to a breeding mishap. Willing to drive within reason or happy for shipping. Let me know what you have. Thanks Chris
  7. I have a few spare males for sale from my breeding colony. These are fully grown ready to breed, 13/14cm priced for a quick sale at $50 each, bargain. Cheers Chris
  8. Good to see you again @Brian Smith hope the fish have settled in. Great news about the first batch going well also. Bump to the top.
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