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  1. @Jscraphey mate, I’ve got one person coming to inspect the large male tomorrow and if he doesn’t take him there’s another person in line, I will keep you updated. I still have a few larger unsexed ones available at this stage. Cheers Chris
  2. @Blake91- thanks for the business Blake was nice to meet you mate. Hope the drive back went fine. All the best with the fish. All 5cm fish - SOLD Cheers Chris
  3. Have sourced one beauty, considering one more depending what’s out there. Cheers Chris
  4. I’m thinking of moving on my 35cm+ gold spot pleco. Let me know if interested. Cheers Chris
  5. Reply to both, thanks for the enquiries. @pantodon I’d have to check, I’m confident I have 3 left at that size. @Jscrapthats weird, have room left in the inbox. As above I’m confident I have at a minimum 3 7/8cm size. I also have some 3cm available and also 4/5cm. Cheers Chris
  6. As the title suggests I’m chasing 2 x L134 females breeding age/size. Recently lost one due to a breeding mishap. Willing to drive within reason or happy for shipping. Let me know what you have. Thanks Chris
  7. I have a few spare males for sale from my breeding colony. These are fully grown ready to breed, 13/14cm priced for a quick sale at $50 each, bargain. Cheers Chris
  8. Good to see you again @Brian Smith hope the fish have settled in. Great news about the first batch going well also. Bump to the top.
  9. Although we never crossed paths on a personal level, I can see the mutual respect you have with a lot people on this site and hobby. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, this is clearly a significant loss of experience and knowledge for the aquarium hobby. It’s such a shame the world has changed, particularly for amateurs like myself who have a lot to learn! I’d like to think there are Still a lot good people out there. Many people from here often go out of there way to assist when possible. All the best Doug, enjoy the time with your family, the best years are yet to come! Goodluck with your sale, such a superb set-up. Chris
  10. @swimmers- sorry for my delayed response Paul, I’m unable to ship at this time. Some lovely fish available, Bump.
  11. Updated ad and prices, Have 3 cm ones available. Also 3 sub adults available Have 3 spare adult males from colony.
  12. Hey, plenty of good shrimp keepers on the site. You’re in the right place, welcome.
  13. Have five (5) sub adults left, selling for $20 each. These are the last left at that size. Also have a few large males available from surplus stock. Selling for $60 each, have bred. Fry will be available in the coming weeks. Thanks Chris
  14. G’day Hippy, welcome to the site! I suggest you check out the Aquarium Fish Trader section in the Cichlid section. All the best. Chris
  15. Can’t go wrong with a school of Neon or Cardinal tetras!
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