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  1. call Ross Merker from Living Reef Aquariums Tropical fish store in Burleigh Heads, Queensland Address: 3/71 Township Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue. Phone: (07) 5520 4599 he may help you. he was getting wild caught Ultums brought in.
  2. oil seal from an bearing and oil seal wholesaler. just a standard oil seal, they hold oil and hydraulic fluid in so they can hold water just as well. all you need to do is take it down there and they should be able to measure out the ID / OD and find a fit for you.
  3. i still watch a short movie of it every now and then, lol
  4. in the second pic the pump is dead centre of the tank. was there while I was waiting for the new amphibious pump to turn up. I had bulkheads drilled in both corners of the tank. I later added SS strainers and covered them with the white rocks seen in last pic. you may be able to see that I have a spray bar across the whole tank also fitted with bulkheads through the rear corners of each side of the tank.
  5. I had a pond one claritec (biggest version) on a 6x2x2 and later installed it on a 8x2x2.5 and I had no issue with it. actually never had such clear water. pros are if the pump dies you can just replace the pump, better water flow and far more filter media. cons would be plumbing fittings will cost you fair few $$$ as you need to buy 2 - 4 ball taps and screw joints so you can remove the canister from the pipe work for cleaning as well as the pump. the pump would use a bit more watts but you get higher flow. but if you had a sump its the same thing isn't it? you will have to find an amphibious pump other wise you will have a large pump in your display.
  6. Because i just bought these fish a template is sort of not going to provide anything. I just bought these 2 yellows and i got them home i noticed they have redness to them. (Been awake sinse 4am working hard, my bad for not checking) One has more of a lesion on the gill cover and the other has a streak in the tail. Does any one know what it could be? Im hoping its just bacterial / fungal. Only done a salt bath and keeping in a quarantine i just set up with a sponge from another tank until further improvement and treatment.
  7. wow! this is an old thread, lol
  8. did you think about what type of plumbing is involved inside the unit? ie copper pipe... i am thinking about these types of units and am worried about this
  9. as for algae on your feature. i dont think you will be able to beat it unless you tried barley straw extract or just got a bail of it and soaked some in your pond. the barely has something in it that slows algae growth.
  10. hello. based on the circulation of your water i would sudgest placing the pump inlets in the centre to get a better turn over of your water through the UV filter. as your pond is round the water goes round and all junk will end up in centre under your fountain feature. pulling water from the sides means you wont be getting the centre junk and will also be sucking in more of the cleaner water. i used to do koi in pools once upon a time and found best to set it this way for the above mentioned reasons.
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  12. the soapy water is for wiping excess silicone as this prevents the silicone sticking to anything as you pull it back for a clean finish... i dont think i could use enough soapy water i did read that a space of 1.5mm between joined glass is optimum for silicone to adhere well. this space also gives a buffer for larger tanks that can expand and shrink due to changes in heat. and if you are looking to build from scratch well the 1.5mm is the figure you have been looking for to subtract in your shorter sides i have been looking for this answer a long time so thought i might add. also read that using those really long clamps will help you for squeezing larger tanks together and holding the panels while they set. but i guess as long as you can apply enough pressure to squeeze the silicone so it gets contact corner to corner you should be fine.
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