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  1. Importing fish from overseas

    call Ross Merker from Living Reef Aquariums Tropical fish store in Burleigh Heads, Queensland Address: 3/71 Township Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue. Phone: (07) 5520 4599 he may help you. he was getting wild caught Ultums brought in.
  2. White knights are a colour morph of the electric blue cichlid. Last Pic is of one of the display males I sell also ( only $5ea ) $100 gets you 10 females @ 7 - 10cm DELIVERED! ( subject to Gold Coast and Brisbane area only ) all you need to do is add a male. Your LFS will be able to order you a display male. I have only 10 of these packages available. call / sms 0401 824 054
  3. Fishroom EVERYTHING running systems. $1,500 Tweed Heads West Whole fish room needs to go. fish, pumps, filters, ibc's, rack and spare parts. over 600 fish included. selling all together. could help move inspections welcome. only $1,500 0401 824 054
  4. Its not free but at these prices it might as well be!Endler Guppies, White Knights, julidochromis transcriptus Gombi, super green Texas, Blue Dolphins all @ the following prices@ 1cm 50c each@ 3-4cm $2ea@ 6-8cm $5ea (breeding size)@15-18cm $20eaCalvus from 5- 7cm only $20eaFestae female 8cm only $20call / sms 0401 824 054
  5. Cheap 2ft tanks

    which side is the hole drilled? is there bulk heads fitted?

  7. white knight fry have for sale white knight fry @ 4-5cm x100 for $400 delivered in BNE -GC area 1st pic of display males @ 7cm ($10ea) pics 2-3 of parents LAST PIC OF ACTUAL FRY FOR SALE. 0401 824 054
  8. DIY Inline Heater

    oil seal from an bearing and oil seal wholesaler. just a standard oil seal, they hold oil and hydraulic fluid in so they can hold water just as well. all you need to do is take it down there and they should be able to measure out the ID / OD and find a fit for you.
  9. blue dolphin cichlid (WHITE TEXT)

    so what to do to fix this? I have been a member of this site for years. the older version was nice. I had sold 1000's of e.blue, 100's of cyps and god knows what else. now I can't even make a post that can be read. Can anyone please help me? what colour text should I be using? cheers in advance
  10. blue dolphin cichlid (WHITE TEXT)

    can any one read this add? its grey text for me, says automatic text
  11. cyrtocara moorii blue dolphin cichlids I AM SELLING OFF MY COLONY PER FISH. mostly females and will vent sex on purchase. females range from 10cm -18cm @ $25ea (3 different bloodlines) males are 18-20cm @ $20ea ( 1 bloodline different to females ) female Albinos 10-13cm @ $30ea ( 1 bloodline) call / sms 0401 824 054 No fry for sale. call / sms 0401 824 054
  12. Pond canister on aquarium

    here is a little snippet CYPs2.mov