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  1. should it be at 0 for fresh? and im not planning on putting fish in around the end of the week
  2. Ph is a pretty consistent 8 now and there are no fish in the tank atm. it has been running for about 2 days now. the tank currently has a fluval 205 running atm temp average is 23C if you wanted to know. Nitrate No2 not sure had some green tinge to the colour which was indicating 0 ppm and ammonia was 0ppm.
  3. Hey guys i have just setup my new tank and it was previously used for saltwater but as i have no idea what im am doing with salt im going to stay with freshwater. when i bought it of the previous owner he had heaps of coral (now dead) and also the gravel is a crushed coral type of bead not sure. my concern is that the coral is going to keep raising the Ph level as it was around 7.6-7.8 yesterday and is around 8 today i everything is in the tank except for an airator could this be a factor and I'm going to put electric blues and yellows in it in case someone wanted to know. Also because it was setup for salt when i cleaned it i obviously couldn't get all the dried up salt as it has the background on it is there anyway to tell how much salt would be in the water? Also the water is still a little cloudy alot better from yesterday could the coral cause this? ask if you would like some pictures. Thanks.
  4. i was monitoring my tank a few days ago and the temps got up to 30+ when it was 44 degrees outside when it usually averages 25 so no you don't but if it goes under 25 then yes you will need one.
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  6. Hey guys a am wanting to sell my turtle as he is not being looked after very well and he deserves a better home. My question is when you sell a reptile do you have to transfer the details onto the buyers licence. We bought the little fella at the start of the year in South Australia which you do not require a licence for and we drove back to queensland with him. We have had a reptile licence for over a couple of years and just renewed it. when we bought the turtle in SA it came with no information i dont even know what type of turtle it is (looks like a murray turlte however). all i want to know is do i need to put it on our licence to be able to give the buyer the details of the turtle?
  7. Anyone i just need to know if a need a osmosis if not how do i make the salt water or if someone could link me to a page with information that would be helpful
  8. Hey guys just bought a new tank that was setup previously for salt water but i have no idea on how it all works: Gear that came with it: - 3ft tank, stand and hood - red sea prizm protein skimmer - fluval 205 external filter - 2 lights 1 water plant aquarium plant and 1 coral blue lamp, coral and invertebrates both are YZ-20W - around 20kg of salt 10-15 in a big bag and about 5-10 in a red sea coral pro salt - testing kit (Ph, Nh, No, Alt, Ca) - dead coral and sand what else would i need to get a basic setup was wanting to put the classic clown fish in it as a starting point. The guy we got it off said all we should need is a hydrometer and that should get us started. also how do you make the salt water as i have seen people use a reverse osmosis which looks somewhat expensive and technical, Do i need one?
  9. yea i do feed him twice a day and he is getting pretty big i guess ill just have to experiment.
  10. Hey guys i lately have seen my turtle trying to jump and bite at anyone who passes his tank and i have know idea why. when i pick him up he his perfectly fine and doesn't seem to care is it because he wants to get out of the tank more? any information would be nice Thanks.
  11. would this just be a normal VET or a reptile vet because last time we went to the normal vets with the blue toung they said they we should go and vist another clinic near Brisbane?
  12. thanks for the relplys guys also his back end kinda floats and his head is pointing down ill look into UV/heat lamps still have know idea what is going on
  13. hi guys i noticed this morning that my turtle wasn't swimming around in is tank like he usually does every morning and i when i fed him he didn't want to eat he was just sitting there under the water in the same spot not really moving and when i got home from school he still hasn't eaten the bit of food i had put in the morning and almost looked dead so i pulled him out and he is moving but not like he would before. Any idea on what this is i don't really want him to die! thanks will get pics up really soon
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  15. Its hard to see but once I looked harder it didnt look normal its looks like its overlapping on top of another part of the shell.
  16. sorry i have been really busy all day, I got him back from dads in South Australia Heres some pics http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff475/zinger_is_a_mad_fella/IMG_20130525_100024.jpg?t=1369467955 http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff475/zinger_is_a_mad_fella/IMG_20130525_095945.jpg?t=1369467946
  17. Hi guys just got my turtle back I I've just noticed then that it looks like a decent size crack in his shell don't know too much about turtles could this be him growing or is it just overlapping? Appreciate the help can post pics soon
  18. We already own a blue tongue and therefor hold a licence but where i am suppose to get a movement form from?
  19. yes in long term i would like to build a 2m x 2/3m pond for him
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