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  1. Glad u all like it!!!! and also i was wondering if any one knows where i can get some good cheap tanks in the lockyer valley??? if u know plz PM me Harls_Aussie
  2. OK guys i was thinking an albino tank ( 35G - 3FT) full of albino fish... ok heres my list so far glad to take some comments..... - Albino BN's 1 of them - Albino Cory's 6 of them - Albino Rainbow shark 1 of them - Albino Tigerbarbs 5 of them - Albino Krib 1 of them Any ideas? Harls_Aussie
  3. ok guys i am stocking a 35G tank i have 1 fish to start us off on our journey through the many fishes.... The BGK thats our starting fish i want ideas and suggestions and everything else about lots of stuff.. Harls_Aussie
  4. Hi all i wanna keep and if i can Breed BGK. I was wandering if i could put Elephantnose in with BGKs because i thought i read somewhere that u can't put BGKs and other eletrical fish together? harls_Aussie
  5. Ya i'm getting to them i got a bristlenose and 4 kuhlis and a few rummynose to go with them.
  6. Hows my new stocking list so far. 1 BGK 2 Silver sharks and i was thinking angels and i was thinking a malwai tank with eletric yellows what would go with them..... Harls_Aussie[/b]
  7. Hello all! Haven't been on for awhile and I have some huge updates on my 42g! Here are my current stock: - 1 Silver Shark, Rosy - 6 Baby Angels - 1 Striped Kuhli, Freddie - 2 Baby Bristlenoses - 7 Glowlight Tetras Here are some awful pics, but bad quality is better than none at all!
  8. i am coinverting my 35G FW to 35G SW. was wondering how much live rock is around here Harls_aussie[/u]
  9. i know the oscar will grow HUGE but i have plans for him- a new tank and my old one which i don't exactly trust will go to my little brother for lizards *yuk* and i will have a new 4 foot hopefull about 75 G
  10. the saltwater is optional i am just thinking about it atm......... i have a few options but....... :wink:
  11. i got no room for another tank! i got 2 tanks along my bedroom wall i can't fit no more
  12. well heres my future plans. i am going to move out the convicts adn oscar and 2 convcits will be in the 50 galon and then in the 4 Gallon.....
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