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  1. hey mate interested in picking up the 6 foot n stand holla 0466900036

  2. Their probly a 6 crossed seven bar as the half bar shows up as the 7th. But their is the odd rare barundi that gets a 7th bar or an extra half bar. At the end of the day they tank looks amazing and so does the fish. Nice work bidkev love ur photography Frontosa dave
  3. Vid with my girl she has her tube out n dress on. Will add more vids later of eggs and them courting
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  5. I just clean a few dirty filters straight into the new tank let it cycle for a week or so with nothing in it do a 50% water change and add fish the next day usually works fine for me. Id like to have a try tinkering with the amonia method tho frontosa_dave
  6. I hatch them in a jar with some synthetic sea salt n feed them the liquid food. When i cant be bothered doing that i just get the bio pure hikari their snall enough for fighters to eatat a fewweeks old
  7. Fronts like buffering of water to their natural habitat and seem to live healthyer n longer if you do this as they are from rift lakes with high ph around 8 and higher salinity. males can reach the 30cm mark(barundi) ive seen mouthfuls of babys with females holding around 18months of age( substancialy smaller number in brood at this age). Most dont breed until 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 years of age. Feed brine and good spiralina vege flake such as sera.flora my older ones recieve daily brine, spiralina and a.mix of hikari exel/gold pellets. Dont feed them bloodworm unless its the parasite free hikari bio gold and never feed them beefheart or other lipid meats. They mix well with other rift.lake cichlids if their is enough in the colony that they feel safe. As for.bristlenose i keep male and female adults in their tanks and never lost onealthought the bristlenose breed and 99.9% of the babys get eaten . I believe their best kept as a colony dedicated tank breeding 8f 2m will need atleast a 6by2by2 for breeding. Hope i was of some help. Frontosa dave
  8. thanks to everyone for showing so much interest and sharing so much information. leah great pics
  9. hey all started breeding fighters few months ago just wanting peoples input on the way you do things and il share my methods also. i have been lucky and have had no fighting with my pairs they have all taken to each other very well im using divided in half 3 foot tanks. and have 4 spawns going currently ranging from newly hatched to 5 weeks old. place male and female in bare cube filter off wait for buble nest wait for the fish to hatch and remove female later that day. remove male after the fry are free swimming turn air sponge filter back on once their swimming i use a blended to powder mix of sera flora hikari gold hikari exel and massivore all in equal portions.<i use and sware by this for all new fry they love it> after a few weeks switch to osi growth and devolpment flake and sera flora and frozen brine as treats every few days. when they start devoloping fins sort males into bottles and jars<what ever is available> enjoy looking at your fighters
  10. a few years ago i lost all faith in canister filtration and have had minimal space to fit sumps etc, so i googled diy filters and couldnt find much. i decided to have a fidle n make my own over top filters using a container with holes drilled in bottom or on bottom side. for media i use gutter guard on the bottom layer some gravel and carbon second layer dacron or matting as third layer and sponge for final layer. then conecting some garden hose together with 9o° 13mm bends plumb a pump or power head up so it flows onto top of the container presto you have a filter which alot of the time you can construct for.virtually nothing if you have the pieces sitting around. i use the on most of.my tanks and water quality is very good. my 4foot kigoma grow out havnt changed water for 3 weeks cheers frontosa dave
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