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  2. Does anyone know who was the one that brought the balloon neon blue rams to the auction ? I would like to buy a few.
  3. ah okay ill go have a look real soon then, thanks guys.
  4. cant confirm 100% itll be on march 10th but itll be held at Spring Hill.
  5. You know when you'll be getting some female plakats?
  6. Do we need to be 18 to be able to auction?
  7. I was given a flowerhorn? (I think) from a friend a few days ago, just wondering what he is? Pictures are attached.
  8. Anyone know of any betta breeders around Brisbane? I'm looking to get myself a female plakat do to some of my own breeding soon.
  9. Hey guys, this is gone be my first time going to the auction and just wanting to know what I'm going to see there.
  10. Hey guys, well I got a 6x2 tank free right now and as thinking of getting a leichardti in there and I wanted a school of neons in the tank too, so wondering if they will be able to coexist together?
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