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  1. Thank you everyone for your posts and kindness. I've had a laugh at some of the posts describing what this guy deserves which is what I've needed. The offers of fish and shrimp have blown my brother and I away. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hi All, I've been keeping fish for most of my life and experienced many ups and downs and come across many scams etc. None more upsetting then what happened recently. Well here goes. A couple of months back I gave my brother a bit over $200 to buy some CRS, CBS, Endlers and a couple of other fish he really wanted. My brother lives a good while away and has an intellectual handicap. He enjoys many activities and whilst I have kept fish for a long time he is only relatively new to it and a very caring person who fusses over everything he does. So my brother had been helping a hobbyist with his tanks for a short while and that is where he saw his first CRS & CBS. My brother showed a keen interest and the guy had told him that he could get him some nice ones and set up his tank if he wanted. My advice was to hold off paying the money till the fish/shrimp arrived from wherever they were sourced. My brother excitedly though handed over the money immediately and that is where it all appears to have gone wrong. Talking to my brother a number of times on the phone I kept asking about the shrimp etc He kept saying good they look great and finally today he cracked. He told me that the guy he was helping had moved house (apparently overseas actually) and had scammed him completely. I've asked for his name but he won't give it to me as he is not one who likes fights or arguments. It is sad to think that people have nothing better to do then scam people and in particular someone with a disability.
  3. Sorry to hear. Hopefully you do fine some hidden. I lost a batch of Flash Pleco's in much the same way once. Was gutted but learnt my lesson and never had it happen again thankfully.
  4. Thanks Sclero P. He looks nice
  5. Sorry what species is Gordon the Goby?
  6. Thanks guy's. I had my suspicion they were hybrids or a captive bred item.
  7. Hi All, Recently I've seen Tropheus duboisi Golden Firefox in a few LFS's and a number of mates have added them to their aquariums. They are a stunning variant but I can not find any info on their collection point etc. Are they a wild variant or captive bred? Any info would be appreciated as the info I and my mates have been given has varied from shop to shop. Regards, Jade
  8. Lionel, You have some very nice shrimp there. I've kept the cherry shrimp for years now and absolutely love them. I breed many in a large bird bath outside, in tanks alone and have also bred them in tanks with my L number colonies. They are great shrimp. I picked up some nice yellows last week which are identical to yours. I've seen some ones being worked on and reckon yours are stunners. Did you breed these or get yours from someone else? Thanks for sharing.
  9. G'day All, I use to be a forum member however I can't login with my old account so have had to make a new one. Anyway I've been keeping fish for as long as I can remember and am looking at moving back into keeping some of the cichlids in particular frontosa . I've kept and bred many cichlids, L numbers and the list goes on and am happy to be back on a forum and enjoying the hobby.
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