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  1. Just wondering when you're heading to Tweed Heads next? Interested in around 30-40 cherry shrimp, twisted drift wood, maybe small driftwood depending on size, gravel depending on colour and river sand.

    Please let me know thanks


    0423 213 875

  2. Hi there I'm looking for a couple of 4 foot lights if u have any available. It's just for racks so not needing anything special



  3. shall add some salt and see if that helps.. i'm using aged dechlorinated town/tap water. Never had this problem in any of my tanks before. If i'm doing something to cause it i would like to know. it seems to be growing in the same spot in the tank as last time even though setup has been changed. do you know what it's called? what causes it? how to avoid it in the future? cheers Megan
  4. Problem:- strange fungus/unknown stuff growing in gravel and on glass. its sort of like a thick mucusy, webby, membrainy stuff, looks very weird.. there should be a photo attached of the gravel from 2 weeks ago before i did a complete change over.. Ph:- 7.2 Ammonia:- 0ppm Nitrate:-0ppm-5ppm Nitrite:- 0.25ppm Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- 3ftx15inx18in Temperature °C:- 26 Been running for:- had been running for at least 8 months, noticed this growth 2 weeks ago. scrubbed out everything, new gravel was added, as i didnt wanna run the risk of there being any little bit left in the tank to start growing again, glass was scrubbed etc. i just noticed tonight it has come back!!!! grrr.... Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- internal filter OTTO PF-400N (400LPH) Fish in tank:- glass catfish x2, head and tail light tetra x5, golden gourami x2, kuhli loach x2, bristle nose juvies x10 about 2cm, cherry shrimp x10ish, small half beaks x3 Plants in Tank:- anubia, val, hair grass, chain sword (which seem to be dying off), java moss on drift wood, banana lilly, java fern Feeding:- What food and How often.. algie wafers and tropical fish food pellets neither have a brand.. usually every second day.... i thought over feeding may have been the problem so i started feeding every 3rd day since the full change. But its come back!! Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:-5-6 days ago about 20% Water change every fortnight Does anyone know what it is? whats causing it? and how to get rid of it?? cheers Megan
  5. actually there are a few populations of cichlids around. wollongbar has a few spots, only 15mins from lismore, not sure what sort they are as i havent seen them first hand. in the other direction towards kyogle, i know of at least 2 stretches of water that have various exotic species, carp (huge ones), guppies, cichlids at least 2 different types that i have seen (again not sure what kind but fairly sure they were cichlids) just gotta wait for the water to clear up a bit after all this rain, and i'll try and get some photos next time i'm out. Megan
  6. Yesterday we did a day trip to brissy. it was a wonderfull day! We stopped off at Petcity for a look and ended up with 5 halfbeaks. they have all settled in nicely. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Petcity! all the staff we're great to deal with. had a chat to a few of the boys about the spiney eels.. awesome little guys, will definitely be getting a few of my own soon (eels, not the boys hahah). looking forward to my next trip up there. who knows what i'll find next time thank you again for being so helpful! Cheers Megan
  7. awesome! good on ya! keep us updated. this weather is great for them.. we've been having cool stormy nights here and the adults just love it.. perfect spawing weather you might get more soon.
  8. i found a couple of eggs on my tank a few weeks back and popped them into another small tank with a couple of plants and an air stone, they all hatched out and survived. i've just had my corry's scatter the glass/filter/heater with eggs again. and i just did the same thing, left a few in the tank, an put some in with just an air stone and a few plants. good luck with them Megan
  9. hey shanoz. its awesome to see them spawn, and yes once they have a spawning site and a female that co-operates they will breed like rabbits. just make sure the female doesnt jump out as they seem to do this to try and escape the males if they are getting too much attention these fry are tiny! dont be suprised if you catch a glimps of a few right down the bottom on the tank near the corners. and they can be quite quick too. as for moving the filter with eggs attached it can be done, i moved a male recently not knowing he was fanning eggs, after fighting with him to get out of a hide for 20 seconds i decided to just put the whole hide in, with him still in it.. a couple of days later i had fry hatch. they would have been out of water for at least 10+ seconds if you wanna try and keep them alive in that tank, lots and lots of plants Megan
  10. started out with 1 fighting fish a friend brought for me. the next weekend i had dug out my old 3ft tank and stand from the oldies shed, brought 2 more 2ft tanks and away we went.. oh and at that stage i lived in a grany flat (10mx5m) with absolutely nooo room. now some 4 years later, with over a dozen various size tanks (all over 2ft) and a list of fish.. and an actual house to call my own, i'm thinking it might be time for a rack or two and maybe a giant 8ft tank hmmm... the 6ft tank i have just doesnt seem big anymore It will never stop!
  11. hi all. just found this site and its wonderful! i'm hoping to find some people living local that share the same passion.. or at least some gold cost people as i travel up there quite often. i'm from lismore NSW. i've lived here all my life (yeah i know...) i have about a dozen tanks setup and breeding a few fishies.. i keep, silver dollars, cory's (breeding), BN common (breeding), purple spotted gudgeons (breeding lots), female peppermint bristle nose, head and tails, glass catfish, cherry shrimp, gold gourami's, blue eyes, yabbies and i may have missed some.. just setting up a 4 foot plant tank and hoping to get some low grade CRS for it. take care, have fun. Megan
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