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  1. Outstanding!!! Great thinking getting them in Ben What sizes will you be getting in the 6500K?
  2. I'll say it right here and now. What we need is a "Save the GPG" fund. If all your followers put a couple of bucks in we'll have your heating situation sorted in no time as frankly i'd rather be reading about happy, smiling and frisky (still ugly though ) GPG's then read any more sad news like todays. It's not much but i'll pledge $20 right now.
  3. Looks good but you will need more roof space for 2kw....about twice as much
  4. Not a good idea to be introducing lead to you aquarium:nono:
  5. Alot of variables to this depending on your mix, temp etc. I used to regularly get 4-5 weeks from mine down south but found with the different humidity up here i would only get around 2weeks.
  6. Is it just straight sand or have you done a DIY substrate? Plenty of plants will actually do fine in sand if they have enough nutrients. I have UG, HC and Glosso all growing in it. Frankly though with such a small tank i would simply replace the sand with something else. If you really like the fine substrate look then perhaps washed riversand? It's only $13 for 20kg and as pointed out will give you better results due to better O2 supply.
  7. Just run a splitter from your reg
  8. DIY is a good way to dip your toe in the water so to speak and see the type of results you can get. It has some serious drawbacks and making up a new mix every 2 weeks rapidly becomes a PITA but at least it's a start. If you do go presurised, as above i would recommend getting a 2.6kg cylinder ($165 filled and delivered) which will easily last you 2+ years at 3bps if you set everything up correctly.
  9. As stated for Anubias. Fine for the roots to be in the soil but the best way is to pot them with grow wool
  10. Have you looked through the betta section here on the forum Bettas I know there are some very dedicated and knowledgeable breeders in our little community here. [MENTION=7385]Saffa[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7963]Betta[/MENTION] are two that spring to mind but i'm sure there are plenty here that will be able to get your pointed in the right direction
  11. Kessils are good for nano's but would be incredibly expensive in the type of application you mention and not really the best option IMO. The very best LED's currently available for planted tanks atm are made by Build MY LED (3 year warranty) and TMC Aquaray (5 year warranty). I would actually be very tempted to run the little Aquabeam 600 Ultimas. With a 24" x 11" light spread, 12w and the only LED you can buy with the most advanced LED developed to date they are a pretty attractive proposition with a list price of $130. However as brissy says, if you just want to grow some basic plants and mosses and show off your shrimp then T5's are perfectly fine.
  12. You will probably find the lighting is too strong for them in their current position or to higher Kelvin. Anubias are susceptible to BBA if given too much light. If reducing the lighting is not an option perhaps you can find a spot with a little shade? SAE can be effective although frequently lose interest as they get older. If they are not an option for you then you can use a liquid CO2 such as Flourish Excel and apply it with a pipette or similar directly to the effected area. You need very little and will not have a negative effect of Anubias. One application is sufficient. HTH
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